Paranormal Investigators T to Z

T-arc Texas Anomaly Research Center 
T-arc is a Texas-based paranormal research group. Formally founded in 1999, we have served the great country of Texas for over nine years. Our roots go back even further, with almost twenty years of experience in research and investigations. Although our type organization is usually classified under the realm of 'Ghost Hunters', that label is a bit of a misnomer. Our core responsibility is responding to requests for help in situation where a haunting or related activity is suspected.

TSI: The Specter Inspectors 
The Specter Inspectors is a paranormal research group located in Monmouth County in central New Jersey. Our purpose is to help businesses and individuals who may be experiencing paranormal events in their place of business or home. We do this with the aid of technology to gather evidence of the alleged paranormal events. As we have a healthy level of skepticism, we also attempt to 'debunk' events (that is, find non- paranormal causes of what is presumed to be paranormal). TSI investigators include people with a wide variety of professional experiences, from photography and advertising to programming and human resources. Everyone brings a different perspective, which aids in the investigations. So far, our investigations have been in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but we are expanding to do paranormal investigations in New York and Delaware as well. All investigations are done free of charge.

TTF-PARA or TTF-PARANORMALRESEARCH is the organizational name given to my efforts directed towards the exploration of raudive voices ( incidents of electronic voice phenomena and audible voice phenomena ) and other related paranormal activity. Located in Southwestner Minnesota.

Tarrant County Investigators of the Paranormal (Texas) 
T.C.I.P. consists of investigators from an array of backgrounds, brought together by one common goal — understanding and proving/disproving the existence of things that go bump in the night. We were brought together through our own personal experiences with the paranormal, giving us compassion and an understanding of what you are going through. We are a professional not-for-profit organization based in Tarrant County, but serving the entire Dallas/FT Worth, Texas Metroplex and surrounding counties. Our only goal is to provide those who contact us with peace of mind and understanding. If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity, we encourage you to contact us.

Team PEAR Ohio
Provides free paranormal investigation service for the state of Ohio and surrounding areas.

Team Phenomena
Team Phenomena is a team dedicated to investigating and researching the paranormal. We are a non-profit making organization based in the Northeast of England. On our Web site you can find pictures and reports from the investigations that the team have carried out and also friendly forums where you can come in and chat about all things paranormal. You can read interviews from those who are well-known in the paranormal field and also come along to our chat room to discuss anything to do with the paranormal.

Teen Spirit Of SoCal
Fear of the unknown had always been a taboo in our society, this is why we have a created a group that will begin with the younger generation to help people cope and accept what is unexplainable. The group will be based on the principles that World Renowned Paranormal Researcher and Psychic Medium Peter James, established throughout his lifetime. Those principles are as follows: Respecting Ghosts and energies, "Realizing that ghosts were people too, some died of untimely and tragic death's which renders them in between places in the afterlife, and they seem to be at a lower frequency of Consciousness, versus one who died of natural causes". Also Most Ghosts are friendly and therefore we are not in any immediate Danger. However we need to be prepared and properly trained on how to handle violent, aggressive ghosts and spirits which are not demonic just as Peter James has Stated, "As in Life, So in Death" When we die we just carry our same personality, and identity that we had while we were alive and one does not become something in the after life that one wasn't in life. Another goal of that Peter had was to help young children to overcome their fears of the unknown so they can sleep comfortable at night! This is the method that we will be learning along with the Scientific Approach. As far as the Scientific Approach, the Scientific Group Leaders will teach them how to use the following equipment: Video Cameras, how to conduct a EVP session, digital recorders, digital cameras, thermometers, EMF detectors, how to set up equipment, how to data log, and more. They will teach them also how to debunk Paranormal Activity before saying that a place is generally Haunted or Not, it will be based on the Data collected. We will investigate haunted locations throughout California, and possible at a later time the group will go investigate location around the united states. We will investigate homes, cemeteries, jails, old haunted hospitals, and businesses with complete professionalism, honesty, integrity, and the highest respect to the owner's property and respect to ghosts and spirits. We here at Teen Spirit do not charge to investigate a haunting, However we do accept donations to better research.

Tennessee Ghost Hunters
Located in the Nashville area, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of ghosts, classic hauntings, poltergeists, and other paranormal phenomena. We also provide education and assistance to people who have encountered spirit, ghost, or other unexplained activity.

Tennessee Research & Investigation of Paranormal Phenomena (T.R.I.P.P.)
Local paranormal investigation team based out of Nashville, Tennessee. that encompasses all things paranormal from ghosts and hauntings to UFOs and cryptozoology.

Tennessee State Paranormal Society
A paranormal group located in Columbia, Tennessee ,created in 2005, founded by Ray Cook Sr. that travels from houses to grave yards. In search of the Paranormal and unknow Hauntings through Middle Tennessee to Northern Alabama, and North East Mississippi. 14 members go on these mysterious hunts, with open hearts and minds,asking one question "Do Ghost Exsist"?

Texas Anomaly Research Center
T-arc is a Texas-based paranormal research group. Formally founded in 1999, we have served the great country of Texas for over nine years. Our roots go back even further, with almost twenty years of experience in research and investigations. Exercising our scientific background during an investigation gives our clients a distinct advantage. We approach all investigations from a clinical standpoint. Our focus on all investigations is to find the truth.

Texas Investigations into the Paranormal
We are a paranormal investigation group in North Texas. We offer free, non-biased investigation to all of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can call us ghost hunters if you like. We have the tools and the experience to help you document any ghostly activity you may be having.

Texas Paranormal Events
Texas Paranormal Events was created with the idea of sharing information from all aspects of paranormal investigation with those who are interested. We want to make gathering and sharing information on all areas of paranormal activity easy for beginners as well as create a space for everyone to come together to share ideas and information. With this goal in mind, Texas Paranormal Events presents the annual Central Texas Paranormal Conference in Austin Tx each Oct. Bringing together the best and most cutting edge minds in the paranormal field. Texas paranormal Events is also a link to the Ghost Girls of Austin. If you are in need of help with paranormal activity in your home or building, Ghost Girls will conduct a professional and discreet investigation at no cost. The Ghost Girls also offer guided investigations to groups or individuals, there is no experience needed and Ghost Girls can provide equipment. Due to the fact that most public locations known to be haunted charge a fee for investigations, Ghost Girls charges for these guided investigations. Fees are based on what the group is charged per location. Experience ghost hunting and the paranormal in Texas at its best with Texas Paranormal Events.

Texas Paranormal Society
Texas Paranormal Society is based out of Ft. Worth and is dedicated to providing no cost service to the entire state of Texas as well as the surrounding states. Our equipment is all state-of-the-art, up-to-date, and properly maintained. We have a courteous staff that will help assist you in any way shape or form. Please check us out on the Web and consider us for your next conference, meet up, or paranormal lecture.

Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators 
The Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators are located in Beaumont Texas. We are the largest and oldest group in Southeast Texas. We are a very active group within Southeast Texas. We welcome anyone that would like to be a part of a scientific based paranormal group. We have meetings at least once a month and currently have active investigations at several locations. We utilize industry standard equipment to capture EVP's, video evidence and photographs of paranormal activity. If you feel that you are ready to investigate or need our help to explain things that go bump in the night then the Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators is the group for you.

Texas Spirit Seekers
The Texas Spirit Seekers paranormal research team is a group that utilizes a scientific approach in the investigation of paranormal phenomena. We bring with us years of investigative experience, professionalism, and the most current techniques for capturing paranormal evidence. Our group covers the North and North East Texas area.

Things that go bump in the night
'Things that go bump in the night' is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based Paranormal Investigation Firm. Founded by Mr. Brad Dotten (a former Incident/Accident investigator & former Private Investigator), 'Things that go bump in the night' focuses on the scientific side of paranormal investigations. Even though we have access to mediums, they are not a part of our normal investigative methods. All investigations are free of charge. If you have a problem you think 'Things that go bump in the night' could help you with or you just have a really great story to tell,.

Third Coast Paranormal
A freshman, fact-based, non-profit paranormal team located in the Ludington, Michigan-area.

Three Rivers Ghost Trackers
Three Rivers Ghost Trackers was established in 2004 as a team of paranormal investigators devoted to helping the living and the dead. Using the latest technology, we investigate homes and businesses free of charge in Northern Indiana, parts of Michigan and Ohio. If you need help with a haunting or would like to leave us a message, we would love to hear from you. Media and Service Credentials: We have completed over fifty investigations, been featured in "Outdoor Indiana," "Business People," "The Auburn Star," and have appeared on the WMEE morning radio show in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and we were featured in "The Ninth Gate Magazine" Oct 2008. We also have had the pleasure of working with the Department of Natural Resources and many businesses, participated in The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity.

TnT Paranormal Investigators
TnT Paranormal Investigators is a paranormal research and investigation team based in the Chicagoland area. TnT Paranormal Investigators use proven and scientific methods, techniques, processes, and technologies to investigate client locations (residential or commercial) to evaluate their reports of paranormal activity. We use these tools and processes to determine if these experiences are natural/environmental, manmade, or paranormal. We do not use Ouija boards, witch boards, or other occult type of practices, as well we don't conduct séances. We at TnT Paranormal Investigators are dedicated to providing research , investigations, and documentation of paranormal activity as it relates to ghosts, spirits, and haunting. We hope that the documentation of evidence will aid in our efforts in educating the public about, as well as encouraging understanding and awareness of paranormal activity. TnT Paranormal Investigators primarily serves clients in Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, and Lake counties in northern Illinois. However, we are open to scheduling an investigation anywhere.

A small, dedicated band of investigators based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We search for hard evidence and openly discuss and scrutinize our findings. Our main interests are in the fields of ghosts and hauntings.

Team Hunting Evidence of Paranormal Research Occurrences Society (T.H.E. P.R.O.S.) Michigan
We are a group based out of Michigan. We do basic paranormal investigating through scientific and logical ways to disprove/prove evidence of a haunting or paranormal activity. This includes the use of standard scientific paranormal investigation equipment. We try to explain every possible situation and put facts together to actually classify if it’s a haunting or not. We do not charge for our investigations and travel wherever people need our help. We will be there to shed some light on what ever they need paranormal help in.

Toledo Haunted Occurrences Research 
We are a paranormal team from Northwestern Ohio and are trying to develop a new approach to paranormal investigating. Toledo, Ohio's very own ghost hunters.

Trans-Pecos Paranormal Investigators
Small group located in Fortstockton Texas 79735 Pecos County region into studying the paranormal of local area's surrounding west Texas. If there is a location that you wish is to investigate please eMail Guy Franco Dwayne Morris at We also study and investigate any other types of non human orgins

Triangle Paranormal Investigations
Triangle Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to the investigation and research of hauntings and ghost phenomenon. We are based in North Carolina. We record information and sharing the information about the phenomenon to others. We have been investigating ghostly phenomenon since 2000. We look for any and all explanations for the phenomenon experienced and provide conclusive evidence by using proper scientific methods of research.

Tri-County Paranormal Research Society
Paranormal research group in southwestern Missouri. We do scientific research. We use IR cameras, DVRs, 35mm, digital cameras, EMF detectors, IR thermometers. Confidentiality is our number one goal. Signed permission forms are a must. Ernie Faris-Founder, Melissa Fisher-co-founder.

Tri-County Paranormal Investigators 
Tri-County Paranormal Investigators are a small group of researchers serving the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. We go above and beyond our duty to give you answers. With a professional staff, the right equipment, and the will to find your haunting, we guarantee we will find the root of your paranormal activity! Yes, we call ourselves ghost hunters, and that's exactly what we do. "Putting minds at ease and spirits to rest," we are TCPI.

Tristate Ghost Hunters 
Tristate Ghost Hunters are based out of Pennsylvania. We currently investigate in the tristate area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. We want opportunities to explain the unexplainable and want to help those in need of assistance. We are serious about what we do and take all the precautions to investigate in a safe and professional manner. We use scientific equipment to gain concrete evidence on paranormal activity. Tristate currently investigates private residences, penitentiaries, businesses, historical sites, and cemeteries.

Tri-State Paranormal Research 
We are Tri-State Paranormal Research, a group of researchers in New Jersey with years of experience in this fascinating field. TSPR's purpose is to gather, collate and share with working paranormal research groups data and evidence gathered during our investigations. Our investigators use modern, state-of-the-art tools and equipment for our research. Our members possess a wide variety of abilities. Some are sensitive/psychic, while others specialize in EVP, photography and video. Together, we make a balanced team to investigate the "paranormal". 

Tri-State Paranormal Investigation and Research Society
TSPIRS is a dedicated group of paranormal investigators offering free paranormal investigations anywhere in the S.E. Iowa, N.E.Missouri, or Western Illinois area. We will consider investigations outside our area. Our mission is to find explanations for possible paranormal activity, whether that explanation is 'natural' or truly paranormal. We use scientific equipment such as digital audio, photographic, and video recording devices, on-site and remote thermometers, EMF detectors, and other devices depending on the site and activity reported. We never charge a fee for investigations in our area and we will never share client location or information with anyone or on our website without the permission of the client. We want to give our clients peace of mind concerning what they are experiencing. Our site includes information on our group, reports on investigations we have received permission to publish, evidence files, published articles on the paranormal and related topics, and links to other paranormal related sites.

Tri-State Paranormal Services (TSPS)
TSPS is based out of Sioux City, Iowa that serves the Tri-State area of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. TSPS offers a free detailed scientific based study of your possible TSPS, also know as Tri-State Paranormal Services, is a paranormal investigation team paranormal activities in your home or business.

True Paranormal
Paranormal discussion, evidence, and ghost hunting products will be featured.

True Hauntings Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations
We are a paranormal research group based in northeast central Pennsylvania investigating reported ghosts/hauntings free of charge.

The Truth Paranormal Investigations
The Truth Paranormal Investigations, based in Rhode Island, specializes in discreet paranormal investigations for home or business. I'm a freelance investigator with vast experience helping home owners get their homes and lives back. If you or your family or home have been or are being victimized by things that can't be explained or you think your home may be haunted, I can help. Because I often work by myself or with a few select people, I offer quick personal and discreet investigations and research and your neighbors won't have to know. I have experienced paranormal phenomenon before and know the fear of ridicule and skepticism people sometimes face. My services are offered free of charge. I'm not a thrill seeker like other groups and always keep the client in mind during an investigation. If you're tentative about contacting other groups that may be in this for "the thrill", you can contact me 24 hours a day.

TRP Paranormal 
We are a Paranormal group based in southern Ohio. We document and capture paranormal activity. Ghost pictures, EVP, ITC photographs, and Paranormal research information.

T.S.P.I. of Connecticut
We are paranormal investigators based out of Southeastern Connecticut. We conduct objective investigations of homes, businesses, and other types of properties.

TTF-Paranormal Research
TTF-PARA or TTF-PARANORMALRESEARCH is the organizational name given to my efforts directed towards the exploration of Raudive Voice Phenomena ( incidents of electronic voice phenomena and audible voice phenomena ) and other related paranormal activity. TTF-PARA consults in the southwestern portions of Minnesota, Northwestern Iowa, and the Sioux Falls SD areas. TTF-PARA does not typically accept unsolicited requests to investigate private homes. TTF-PARA's current focus is mostly on my private research efforts and investigations of regional public locations. TTF-PARA does however accept requests to consult and conduct investigations from business owners, public property owners and government property managers.

Tug Hill Paranormal
Dependable, experienced, confidential paranormal investigations. All members of this group are former members and leaders of the former Northern paranormal Society. We have done historical sites, businesses, and dozens of residences all over Northern New York. Willing to travel, within reason. Help is a phone call away!

Tulare County Paranormal Society 
Tulare County Paranormal Society started in 2008 with two people. We have added another person who has been in the field of paranormal investigation for over 40 years. She is our mentor and keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground. What don't we do? What do we do? We will NEVER charge for an investigation. If you would like to donate to Tulare County Paranormal Society that is up to you. We will only use donation we receive for the Society (Example, batteries, gas, equipment repair.) Privacy and Respect is our number one priority. We will give any and all information to our clients for them to come to their own conclusions. We are not here to decided if you have a 'haunting' or not. We are here to give you information and guidance. What you choose to do with the information is totally up to you. We respect all religious beliefs.

Tulsa Ghost Investigators 
TGI – Paranormal researchers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are a professional and confidential team working to find the truth in this fascinating field. Founded by Vicky Glidewell and Becca Lindsey, we wish to share a warm welcome to those who are interested in the truth only the data can provide.

Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group
Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group is a group of ethically minded people searching for the truth of the paranormal existence. We help those who may be living with paranormal activity that can be disruptive and/or traumatic. Our team uses a strictly scientific approach to determine the extent of the paranormal activity. Supporting evidence may be in the form of video, audio and/or photographs. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We do not charge for an investigation.

Twin Cities Paranormal Society 
The Twin Cities Paranormal Society is a non-profit organization located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and serving the greater Twin Cities Metro area. We are dedicated to the research, investigation, documentation, and education of the public regarding paranormal phenomenon. All investigations are approached with an open mind and are conducted in a professional manner.

Two Counties Paranormal Investigations 
TCPI is a skeptic-based paranormal investigation group based jointly in the counties of West Sussex and Surrey, England. We are an investigative group and we strive to use scientific techniques and make the maximum use of any modern technology that helps to improve the recording and quality of our investigations, and more importantly our results. We seek only the truth.

UK5 Paranormal 
Based in the United Kingdom, UK5 are a dedicated, committed, and friendly research team with an aim to uncover the facts and findings of paranormal activity with various methods of researching while making it easy to understand and easy to enjoy our Web site. We hope that with each investigation report you read, your understanding of the paranormal will become a little bit better and that you feel you have been on that journey with us.

Undeniable Proof Investigations
Paranormal investigators in Southwest Ohio.

Unfamiliar Haunts
Paranormal Investigators in search of sites not yet investigated. Specializing in film and evp collection.

UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators 
The UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators is a paranormal group located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We investigate ghost sightings, stories, hauntings, and other paranormal and supernatural activities. The UnKnown Society Paranormal Investigators are not limiting it's members to local areas of Kentucky, but we wish to extend our membership base nationally and world wide. We learn more when we work together.

UARS – Unexplained Apparitions Research Society
My name is April and I, like yourself, have always be interested in the unknown, the paranormal. Where does our spirit go after we die? If we wanted to stay in our favorite location while we were living do you think when we pass we could stay in our favorite location forever? Or do you think it takes a tragedy for a person's spirit to remain walking the earth forever? We are located in Joliet, Illinois.

Unexplained Northwest Investigation Team – U.N.I.T.
Unexplained Northwest Investigation Team is a non-profit organization based out of Washington State and goes by (UNIT-WA). Our team researches and investigates historical sites, paranormal locations, and strange sightings such as Aerial phenomenon or unexplained encounters and mysteries. We also offer investigations of private residences or properties for owners who are experiencing unexplained activity.

The Unit
The Unit (N.C.U.P.I)in Citrus Heights, Ca – paranormal investigations. We research ,explore and investigate the unexplained,and all paranormal activity .Our services are free of charge. You do not have to leave your home or business during the investigation.We will respect your right to privacy and confidentiality .

United Society of Paranormal Investigations
Thank you for taking the time to browse paranormal investigators. Our team is based in Southern MD but will travel where needed. OUR SERVICE IS ALWAYS FREE! We are ready to help you get rid of the haunt, transforming scared into FEARLESS! On our site you can submit photos, stories, questions, submit your site & more. What sets our team apart from the rest is, aside from finding evidence of possible paranormal activity, we will try to help you and the spirit – putting everything back they way it belongs.

Upper Penninsula Paranormal Research Society of Michigan 
Welcome to the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society. By the name you can tell we are researchers of the paranormal/ghosts. Our head office is located in Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where people are affectionately referred to as Yoopers! Although we are located in the Eastern U.P. of Michigan, our research will take us all the way to the Western U.P., and into northern lower Michigan. Within our site you will find stories; stories from our actual investigations, and stories submitted from individuals like yourself who know first-hand accounts or legends from the U.P. and Northern Michigan area. You will also find within our supernatural walls, pictures, Directors Notes, our Mission Statement, frequently asked questions, and more.

USA Paranormal Research Society
Welcome Paranormal Believer's! Established in 2010 as a paranormal investigation unit, USAPRS's research is gathered from the preliminary interviews, base investigations and follow-up investigations. The primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our clients, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing. As a Ghost Hunting Unit, USAPRS concentrates our research on the preliminary interviews and the base investigations. Our primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our client, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing. Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, audio and video recorders, EMF meters, motion sensors, and temperature guns. USAPRS's investigations have included historical sites, private homes and commercial properties. The primary function of the investigations is to be able to document paranormal activity, thereby giving credence to the client that the activity is real and not imagined. If, during the investigation, we find that there is a reasonable explanation for the activity, that will also be reported. After the investigation a written report will be presented, along with a digital copy of all photos and audio on CD. The standard USAPRS team will consist of two-to-ten investigators. All of whom have been involved in multiple investigations. It is our policy to insure that no damage is done to any of the client's property. Therefore, all of our equipment is hand held or on tripods, we do not string cables or use tape on any surfaces.

Utah Researchers Of Paranormal Activity 
The Utah Researchers Of Paranormal Activity is a non-profit group dedicated to the research, documentation and investigation of paranormal phenomena. U.R.O.P.A explores the possibility of 'hauntings' and approaches this with a skeptical but open minded attitude. Professionalism and confidentiality are the key aspects of U.R.O.P.A. We use history based study and scientific means to base our findings on. We are not 'thrill seekers', but people with a common passion in this field of study.

Utah Society of Unexplained Phenomena 
USUP is a group of individuals dedicated to furthering understanding and research in the paranormal. Our greatest pleasure is helping people understand what is happening in their business or home.

Valley Ghost Chasers
The Valley Ghost Chasers is a paranormal team that helps in any way possible. It might just be a question or we might have to come in and do a full investigation of the property but we will help, if we can't solve your problem we have the resources to get you the help. We are based in Louisville, Kentucky, but we will travel just about anywhere to help you. Thank you very much.

Valley Investigators of the Paranormal
We're a paranormal group based out of the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California. Our mission is to help those with paranormal needs, learn and educate others about historical locations through paranormal investigations as well as historic preservation and paranormal unity.

VAMP Research
VAMP Research is a group based out of Vermont.

Vancouver Spooks
VSPI is a small non-profit, paranormal investigative group based in Vancouver BC, Canada, with a connection in Sonoma County California. We are compassionate, trusted, honest, and energetic. Just as curious as anyone, we are looking to answer the question of "what happens to us after we die?" Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations is here to understand, help confirm our client's feelings, lend support, and look into all possibilities before we suggest any place is "haunted." 

Vermont Spirits Detective Agency
Vermont Spirits Detective Agency is a group of paranormal investigators based in Burlington, Vermont. We ghost hunt homes and businesses by using scientific means, such as digital recorders, night vision camcorders, and security cameras to determine if a dwelling is haunted. The founder of Vermont Spirits Detective Agency is Matt Borden. So far, VSDA has investigated the Johnson House at UVM, Wilson Castle in Proctor, VT, Southern Vermont College in Bennington, VT and at least a dozen more. Matt and another member, Gloria DeSousa, have attended two conferences with Sci-Fi's TAPS team. 

VIPS Voyage Into Paranormal Society
A paranormal team of investigators and researchers here to provide understanding, assistance, and help to all in need. We are a not for profit team, professional, and discrete. We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, but serve all areas.

VRS Paranormal 
V.R.S Paranormal Investigations is a scientific research team in Fargo North Dakota exploring claims of paranormal activity throughout the States of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. Using scientific methods, we can discover possible alternatives or logical explanations to paranormal situations. If we cannot recreate or disprove the activity, we can help people understand through education on how to cope with their paranormal environments. We are not 'ghost busters' looking to generate hysteria in our clients. What V.R.S offers is a 100% free consultation and paranormal investigation. There are no hidden fees or service charges whatsoever. We continue to work with our clients as long as they require our services.

W.I.P.A. Women Investigating Paranormal Activity 
W.I.P.A. Women Investigating Paranormal Activity We are an organization investigating the paranormal. We are located in the Fall River, Massachusetts area. We are excited about the field of Paranormal Research and Paranormal Phenomena. We take this very seriously! Our Mission is to help people and find the Truth! We are Devoted to uncovering the explained and/or the unexplained. WE CARE !!!

The Warrenton Paranormal Research Society
The Warrenton Paranormal Research Society's primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our client, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing. Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, audio and video recorders, EMF meters, motion sensors, and temperature guns. WPRS's investigations have included historical sites, private homes and commercial properties. The primary function of the investigations is to be able to document paranormal activity, thereby giving credence to the client that the activity is real and not imagined. If, during the investigation, we find that there is a reasonable explanation for the activity, that will also be reported. After the investigation a written report will be presented, along with a digital copy of all photos and audio on CD. We are located in Northern Virginia.

The Warrenton Ghost And Spirit Association
The Warrenton Ghost And Spirit Association of Virginia is a group of friends who decided to band together and use electronic technology to investigate claims of paranormal activity. It is our mission to conduct these investigations in a professional manner, yet have a fun time and enjoy ourselves in the process. There is never a charge for the investigations, and we never use spiritual items such as rods, Ouija boards, or séance's. So if you have something in the closet, or monsters under the bed, feel free to call us and we'll be there to help!

Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research (WSPIR) 
WSPIR is a skilled paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific evidence of other realms of existence. We are dedicated to scientifically researching, investigating, and documenting paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty, and discretion. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility and performs every investigation with professionalism and respect. Our members follow strict analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon, such as human influence, environmental affects or errors, by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature. All paranormal evidence collected during investigations will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be released or published when permission has been granted. All evidence will be presented unaltered and uncensored.

Washington State Paranormal Society
Greetings seekers of the unexplainable. We are an active and reliable investigation group created in 2007 and are located in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State (based in Bremerton). We are a small family group who operates in hopes of finding the truth. Each individual has been through a background check for the clients' personal assurance. Our main goal is to find as much evidence as possible to hopefully one day prove that ghosts and other unexplained phenomena actually exist using the scientific approach. We are here to assist you and our services are ALWAYS free of charge.

The Waynesboro Paranormal Research Group
This is the site for a paranormal research group who sells nothing and doesn't charge for help with paranormal events. Need help or interested in the paranormal? Contact us on either of or 2 sites. We are located in Waynesboro, Virginia. We have message boards and chat rooms on both sites. Leave a message, boards are checked often. 

We Are H.E.L.P.
We are a small Interdimensional Research Team in Central Florida. Based in the Ocala Area. The head of our group is a Clairvoyant Medium, Demonologist and Shaman. Our Group consists of:photographers, genealogist, seerers, empathics and more. All of who are Psychic sensitive Investigators.

West Central Georgia Investigators of Paranormal Activity
Completely free, profesionally conducted investigations into claims of ghosts and hauntings. check our homepage for EVP, pictures, and more information.

West Coast Ghost Hunters
This Web site is a dedicated forum for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. We aim to provide a venue that will allow those interested in the spirit world an online meeting place to form local teams and share experiences and information.

West Coast Paranormal Research Society
Our scientific approach to our investigations makes us one of the most comprehensive and accurate in the field. We integrate computer aided analysis, monitor and record changes in atmospheric response, plus scan and log a number of other mediums. While we can appreciate those with “special abilities”, we do not use medium, psychics or sensitives in our group. Evidence that can’t be scientifically documented can’t be considered in our evidence collection. We believe measures like these are what truly separate us in our approach to paranormal research.

West Coast Spectre Society
The West Coast Spectre Society was founded by Steven Williams and Marcus Bjorklund for the purpose of conducting professional paranormal investigations. WCSS is based out of the Portland, Oregon area and accepts cases in the Pacific-NorthWestern region of the United States. Our group is well equipped to scientifically investigate and study the paranormal question. Although our membership represents diverse beliefs in the paranormal we approach each and every investigation with an open mind. WCSS accepts both commercial and residential cases and feel our responsibly is first and foremost to our clients. We operate on a "not-for profit" basis and never charge a fee for our investigations.

West Florida Ghost Researchers
WFGR is a non profit paranormal investigative group based in Spring Hill/Brooksville, Florida. We are dedicated to researching the paranormal and helping people who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity. We investigate using modern scientific technology. If you feel you need assistance, please email us. All investigations are discreet and there is never any charge.

West Texas Paranormal Society
West Texas Paranormal Society desires to give you explanations for your Paranormal or Cryptozoology experience. Our team is well versed in many different paranormal fields, and we are willing to help you in any manner that we can with your Paranormal or Cryptozoology experiences. Primarily we investigate supernatural occurrences more commonly known as hauntings or echoes with real scientific equipment and use of scientific method. We use these instruments to determine signatures that many believe indicate ghost haunting or paranormal activity such a EVP phenomenon. We employ simple tactics to determine whether or not a haunting is legitimate, and we follow a specific code of conduct throughout our investigations.

West Virginia Ghost Hunters
The West Virginia Ghost Hunters are a paranormal research group based in Charleston, West Virginia. We offer free membership to anyone who is interested in the paranormal. We also offer free, scientific, and professional investigations throughout all of West Virginia and most of Ohio and Kentucky. Our Web site also has the most extensive list of haunted places in West Virginia.

Western Illinois Ghosthunters Society
W.I.G.H.S Is a non profit organization of paranormal investigators who in their spare time bring their experiences in the paranormal to help other people or business in the galesburg and surrounding areas who are having paranormal activity….

Western Illinois Paranormal Society (WIPS)
Western Illinois Paranormal Society is an amateur paranormal group in western Illinois, specifically the Galesburg area. We investigate haunted places to prove or disprove a haunting. We also go into people's homes who are having paranormal activity to help them.

Western Illinois Society for Paranormal Research
WISPR is a team of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable paranormal investigators researching paranormal activity across the Midwestern United States. Our team has almost 20 years of experience in investigation of paranormal activity. WISPR uses state of the art, scientific methods to determine the cause of alleged paranormal activity. In many cases, natural or logical explanations can be found for the apparent activity. WISPR keeps all cases confidential and discreet. Cases are only highlighted on our site with the permission of the client, as we hold the privacy of our clients in the highest regard. All of the members of the WISPR team continue to conduct research and further educate themselves in the field in order to lend further credibility to not only the team, but to the field of paranormal research as well. Team experience includes, computer science, communications, physics, biology, photography, and photo/video analysis. In addition, our Director of Investigations is the Extreme Southwestern and South Central Illinois Area Representative for the American Ghost Society. WISPR will always conduct themselves in a professional manner, and follow the strictest protocol in regards to paranormal investigations.

Western Massachusetts Association for Paranormal Studies
The Western Massachusetts Association for Paranormal Studies (W.M.A.P.S.) is a group of people whose goal is to better understand the realm of the paranormal and help people learn about the paranormal. We work primarily in Western Mass. but will travel to CT, NY, VT, NH, RI, and the surrounding areas to help people. We do not charge for our services, donations are appreciated but are not required. 

Western Mass. Ghost Chasers
We are a small group of paranormal investigators from Pittsfield in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. We have been investigating about 3 1/2 years. All investigations we conduct are free of charge, will be done professionally, and with respect to our clients.

Western Reserve Paranormal
Do you believe you have paranormal or ghostly activity? Contact us, we can help. Western Reserve Paranormal has over 30 years of combined experience and works with both residential and commercial properties. We are based out of the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area but are willing to travel. What makes us different? Besides employing sensitives and psychics, we can actually remove what is haunting you in most cases. Unlike most 'ghost hunting' teams, we are not out to find evidence of hauntings, but to help the haunted. Our paranormal investigators will determine if your property is haunted, while our ghost hunting team will come in to remove any unwanted ghosts and cleanse the property of any residual energy. We are also skilled at the removal of non-human entities.

Wheeling Society of Paranormal Research
The Wheeling Society of Paranormal Research was founded in September of 2006 by Jordan Cline and Nick Queen. They offer investigations free of charge in the Northern Panhandle area of West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and Eastern Ohio on a case by case basis. We are committed to professional and confidential on-site investigations and dedicated analysis of all evidence collected. We strive to comfort those being plagued by fears related to paranormal activity in their home as well as the investigation of the paranormal by means of scientific observation. We are available to investigate in private homes, businesses, and historical landmarks. We also take it as our priority to maintain your privacy first if you wish to remain anonymous. We use equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors, camcorders, and digital audio recorders to collect our evidence and take our time to inspect and present the evidence with open-minded skepticism. 

White Crow Paranormal
We are a group of professional paranormal investigators based out of SouthEast Michigan. We rule out all natural explanations before considering the paranormal and never charge for our services.

White Rose Paranormal
White Rose Paranormal is an established Yorkshire-based paranormal investigation team looking to uncover the dark side of Yorkshire, England. Join our forum for information and chat on ghosts, hauntings, and occasional investigation invites!

Wichita Paranormal Research Society
The Wichita Paranormal Research Society is one of the fastest-growing paranormal investigation teams in Kansas. Founded by Shane Elliott and co-founded by Darin Klein, WPRS is a Kansas-based paranormal investigation organization. As paranormal investigators, we are committed to authenticating evidence and documenting the existence of any paranormal activity via audio, video, and other electronic means of equipment. By using current high-tech technology we are able to conduct extensive scientific investigations and interpret the evidence collected and present evidence to the client in the hopes of creating a better understanding of the current activity and possible options to be taken. The Wichita Paranormal Research Society does not attempt to "prove" a haunting. We are here to conduct an investigation where we look at all aspects of reported activity, client observations, and gathered evidence to come up with the most reasonable explanation. The Wichita Paranormal Research Society is available outside of Kansas as well.

Wicked Spirits Paranormal Research Society
Wicked Spirits Paranormal Research Society, a paranormal investigation team located in Lancaster, Ohio, by Founder / Director – Bishop Edward L. Konkler.

Wind Spirits Paranormal Society
Wind Spirits Paranormal Society is located in Northern Michigan in Traverse City. Our goal is to investigate paranormal events and to shed some light on the unknown realms of existence. We are dedicated to our research in discovering the strange but true paranormal activity that many people experience but are hesitant to talk about. Wind Spirits Paranormal Society’s investigations will be conducted courteously and professionally with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Wind Spirits Paranormal Society will never charge anything for an investigation.

Winston-Salem Paranormal Society
The Winston-Salem Paranormal Society-Investigation Team is a non-profit team based in the Triad area of NC. The team's main goal is to research, investigate and document paranormal phenomenon using scientific methods.

Wiregrass Ghost Hunters
We are a group of paranormal investigators in southeast Alabama. We cover Alabama, Georgia, and Florida — our tristate area. We have all had personal experiences so we understand what you are going through.

Wisconsin Investigating Paranormal [W.I.P.]
Located in Portage, Wisconsin, we are a team that has many years of investigations, we are discreet, caring, productive, reliable, honest, our fee is free, we will ask you to join us in your investigation, provide you a copy of the highlights, explain to you of our findings.

Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal Alliance
The Wisconsin-Illinois Paranormal Alliance are an alliance of professional paranormal investigators located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. WIILPA serves all of Wisconsin & Illinois — and just about anywhere within the Great Lakes region! As always, we offer our time on a voluntary basis and services are free of charge. We ask questions and gather data, try to debunk to find natural explanations, and then use captured evidence to find out whether or not a property is subject to paranormal activity. With a unique group consisting of individuals with broad backgrounds and the latest in an ever expanding cache of "ghost hunting" equipment, we specialize in the quality of results — not quantity. WIILPA conducts full investigations and "diagnostic" visits anytime day or night. WIILPA are the alternative, no holds barred, throw the rules out the window of ghost hunting groups! If you need help – "No need to fear…"

Wisconsin / Illinois Paranormal Society
Paranormal investigators located in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois dedicated to proving or disproving hauntings in locations with both scientific and sensitive methods. You are not alone, we are here to help!

Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WPI)
Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WPI) are a group of professional ghost hunters located in Wisconsin. WPI serves the entire state of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Founded in 2007, WPI conducts investigations of hauntings and other paranormal activity. We conduct private investigations within someone's home or business upon request. Our team has captured some outstanding EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), and photos. All of our investigations are professionally conducted and we never ask for money or donations. WPI does not investigate for personal wealth or fame, rather to debunk a haunting first and prove it second. "If in doubt – throw it out!" 

Witness Paranormal
Founded by Chantal Sellers, Witness Paranormal is a paranormal research and investigation organization located in Yuma, Arizona dedicated to seeking evidence and knowledge of other forms of existence. We know that it can be very scary to experience instances of unknown origins. It makes no difference if the phenomenon is natural or paranormal, our goal is to try and alleviate our client's fears by helping them to understand what they are dealing with.

The Wolverhampton Paranormal Research Group
Highly experienced and understanding paranormal researcher group based in the west midlands. Available free of charge for consultations, healing, investigations, etc.

WolfePack Paranormal
New Investigation team based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Worcester Paranormal
Paranormal Investigators serving Worcester and Central Massachusetts. We specialize in background research of historic and commercial structures. No charge to client.

World Paranormal Investigations
We are an internationally-based paranormal group with three branches in the US and a branch in the UK.

WPARanormal Inc. Paranormal Investigators
WPARanormal Inc, a 501(c)(3), Clergy led, Paranormal Investigation Club, based in Portage, Michigan. We were founded by Bob Penny and Rev. Robert DuShane, both Certified Paranormal Investigators, as “Kalamazoo Ghost Hunters Club” in 1993. We do investigations in the tri-state area, with most efforts focused on Southwest Michigan. Our goal is to prove to the world the existence of paranormal activities. One method we use is to disprove some "hauntings" and then focus on sites we believe to be active, and attempt to disprove them too. We are non-profit and never charge for our services. Donations and the members themselves support us. We use the latest scientific equipment to aid us in our investigations.

X Investigations
The world's only paranormal team affiliated with a licensed New York detective agency, X-Investigations goes beyond traditional ghost hunting. We tackle supernatural cases including curses, possessions, and all manner of unexplained phenomena. The Los Angeles team made up of an occult expert and Czech clairvoyant, has been called the 21st century avengers of ghost busting. 

Yuba Sutter Paranormal Investigators
We're a non-profit ghost hunting group who operates out of Northern California. We offer advice and diagnosis through investigation for alleged hauntings and other supernatural or paranormal occurrences. Visit our Web site for more information and to request a free investigation. 

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