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ICG Ghosts
Idaho Paranormal Investigators Forum, IPIF, Find ghost hunting groups, and societies in your aI am a Psychic-Medium and the only Parapsychological Investigator in the world who can see, feel, hear and work with the spirits, and help those living near them to deal with their situation. I have written 31 books on the subject, worked with Richard Senate, Dr. Loyd Auerbach, Annette Martin and many other professionals during my career. I was one of 7 children psychics studied by Dr. Thelma Moss of UCLA in the 1970's and have been conducting Haunted House Investigations most of my life. I also offer classes on how to investigate, to decipher when the energy associated in a place is a real Ghost and have offered tours of real haunted sites for the past 6 years in Southern California including: Pasadena, Hollywood, North and South Orange County, Huntington Beach, at the Queen Mary, Alcatraz and Gettysburg. My website also tells of the TV and Radio shows I've appeared on and how I believe my gifts were given to me to help the spirits and people, both. I was recommended to your site by Richard Senate who suggested I might be a guest on your Ghost Radio show. Thanks for the opportunity to link with your website, I hope the URL I gave is correct. My website is hosted through Michael J. Kouri (626) 791-1129 or direct email icghosts@hotmail.comrea of Idaho.

Idaho Paranormal Investigators Forum
Idaho Paranormal Investigators Forum, IPIF, Find ghost hunting groups, and societies in your area of Idaho.

The Idaho Paranormal Society 
The Idaho Paranormal Society is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to research and study of terrestrial paranormal phenomenon and help those affected by it. TIPS covers investigations in Idaho, Oregon, and Montana.

Illinois Ghost Seekers Society
Illinois Ghost Seekers Society is a proud to be Central Illinois' only registered Not-For-Profit paranormal organization serving Central Illinois and surrounding areas. Our investigations are NO CHARGE. As the Peoria area leading investigative organization we are confident you won't be disappointed in our services. HELPING YOU THAT'S SIMPLY WHAT WE DO!!!

In the Shadows Paranormal Project
In the Shadows – Paranormal Project is a group of certified paranormal investigators located in the greater Denver, Colorado Metro area that researches and investigates paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. We are dedicated to the discovery of truth in helping those who are experiencing severe, disturbing, or frightening activity and assist them in resolving the phenomenon. We have many years of combined experience in investigating and researching paranormal phenomena; while at the same time we dedicate ourselves to furthering the science by utilizing up-to-date scientific methodologies in order to come to the most logical conclusion of the phenomenon being reported. We then provide a fully documented report of our findings to the client, in the strictest confidence.

Independence Paranormal
Helping those in the Charlotte metro area.

Indiana Ghost Doctors
Our site covers the places we have investigated, some EVPs for vistitors to listen to and examine. and a Team bio.

Indiana Paranormal Investigations 
We investigate paranormal activity in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois using audio, video and other equipment to help us detect phenomena that cannot be explained. Our research is not limited to scientific methods, the metaphysical aspect of ghosts and hauntings is just as important in helping us understand what is happening and why. Our team is a group of mature and experienced adults who are interested in documenting paranormal activity and helping you find a solution. Visit our site for more information on Indiana ghosts, hauntings, and research.

Indiana Paranormal Investigators Society 
We are a non-profit organization. We use scientific measures to proof or disprove a haunting. Our goal is to make the communities around us aware of paranormal activity. 

Indianapolis Paranormal Society 
We are here to help you.

Indy 24/7 Paranormal
Indy 24/7 Paranormal is all about the client. You are the reason we do what we do. With our passion for finding the truth in the unknown, we are confident and determined to get you the answers scientifically that you are desperately seeking. We use modern equipment and innovative techniques when conducting our investigations. Indy 247 Paranormal is willing to take on any job and investigate all facets of the paranormal which includes; Spiritual Hauntings UFO Sighting or Abduction Cryptozoology ESP Telepathy The Occult Psychokinesis Parapsychology Though we are a new team we are an experienced team of professional and courteous individuals whose goals are to serve the client. Our team will respect your rights, property and religious beliefs when conducting an investigation. So if you have a home or a business that you feel has some uninvited guests, feel confident to contact Indy 24/7 Paranormal so that we can get you the answers that you are seeking. Should the team be able to confirm a presence, Indy 24/7 does not claim to have the ability to remove such spirit from the home or business. We can though give suggestions and advice.

Indy Ghost Hunters
Indy Ghost Hunters is a scientific, paranormal investigation team based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1996, we have been investigating the paranormal and assisting those who have been experiencing paranormal activity. As an active group, we have conducted investigations in multiple private residences as well as, commercial properties in and around the state of Indiana. We have investigated the historic Gettysburg National Battlefield, the Chickamauga National Battlefield, we have even investigated as far away as the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Military Hospital, and Fort located in St. Augustine, Florida. Indy Ghost Hunters is a not-for-profit group, which means our services are completely free. Each investigation we conduct is done in a serious, professional manner. During our investigations we utilize the latest technology such as: digital photography equipment; digital video equipment enhanced with infrared capabilities; analog and digital audio recording devices; digital, infrared thermometers; electromagnetic field detection devices; and non-video night vision equipment.

INFINITY Paranormal Investigations Network
Infinity Paranormal Investigations Network is an online resource dedicated to its members and fellow para-investigators offering a site with a discussion forum for members to share stories and post pertinent information regarding paranormal cases, hauntings, evp, photographic evidence, and much more. Infinity's Para-Investigators Online Paranormal Assistance Program (P.O.P.A.P.) is a chat program which interacts with many groups around the globe. It's open 24/7 with fellow investigators online to assist with questions, to share stories, to lend a hand if someone is looking for a group near them to join, or to request assistance. It targets the needs of both users and investigators. Infinity's Navigator Online Para-Apprentice Program (N.O.P.A.P.) is now accepting new teams looking to form with the assistance, mentorship, and knowledge of a seasoned para-investigating team. Infinity currently has two divisions, West Virginia and Florida. 

Inland Empire Society For Spirit Research
A paranormal group dedicated to educating ourselves as well as others on the paranormal subject of ghosts, spirits, and proof of life after physical death, through physical scientific data and spiritual means. Join us for stories, photos, chat, forums, articles, and more.

Insight Paranormal Investigations
Investigations from the town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Headed up by Tony Diana, we are new and want to share our findings to better understand the world of spirits. We are mainly scientific in nature but will use mediums depending on the case.

Inspired Ghost Tracking
Meet other people who have an interest in the paranormal, ghost investigations, ghost hunting, ghosts, and spirits. We do various events around the paranormal and have guest speakers who are experienced in paranormal, ghost investigations, and ghost hunters. We meet in Odenton, Maryland, but our members are from all over the Anne Arundel and Baltimore area. If you live in Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Severn, Odenton, Baltimore, or around these areas, and are interested in the paranormal, then this group is for you. This is a ghost tracking group that gets together and discuss like minded topics, share experiences, photos, investigations and to plan some trips to ghost tours, Gettysburg, haunted places, and some ghost investigation work. Anyone with a serious mind for paranormal or would like to know more on ghost investigations should join. We have had some very nice guest speakers and are planning more. If you are serious about getting together for events and going on paranormal investigations then this group is for you. We meet twice a month, on the 2nd Friday of the month we have a guest speaker or plan something else at our headquarters in Odenton and later in the month we go on investigations, ghosts tours, or anything else that we like to do. Suggestions are always welcome by our members. Inspired ghost tracking would like to inspire you to learn more on the paranormal, ghost investigations, ghost tours, super natural, ghost hunters, paranormal investigations, and more. Why not get inspired and join today? Due to the nature of this group you must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.

International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research (ICPIR) 
Our organization is just over two years old and we have some wonderful things planned for our future. While we are based in Southern California, the ICPIR Community consists of chapters located in different parts of the United States. We are a reputable community in the paranormal research field and we maintain some of the highest investigative standards there are. 

International Ghost Hunters Society 
This a very large site with thousands of members and photographs. The site features an online store where you can buy videos, books, and pamphlets. You need to be a member to view most of the photographs but there are many free features on the site such as a catalog of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and ghost tales. 

International Paranormal Reporting Group 
We are a team of well-trained paranormal investigators who are dedicated to the research of hauntings and other paranormal activity. Our services are all free of charge. We are the largest team in Idaho and pride ourselves on our training and confidentiality. We are located in Nampa and Boise, Idaho, and also cover Oregon and Montana and anywhere else we may be called to help.

International Parapsychology Research Foundation
Located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and founded by Brian Schill, The International Parapsychology Research Foundation is a diverse organization of individuals who, through the application of various disciplines of science and academia, strive to deduce logical and relevant conclusions to questions in the field of parapsychology that have not been adequately answered by conventional scientific means.

International Society of Paranormal Investigators (I.S.P.I.)
International Society of Paranormal Investigators Cordially invites you to join our Web site and/or organization of experienced paranormal researchers in finding the answers to the unexplained. Have you ever caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye? Heard voices when no one was there? Got the feeling someone is watching you? Has the hair on the back of your neck ever stood up on end, sending shivers up your spine? If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions… you’re not alone! We are an organization, fully insured paranormal group based out of Indiana, Illinois and Texas. We specialize in haunted locations throughout the United States, Home/Commercial Investigations, Historical Information, and Genealogy. 

Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska (IOPIA)
IOPIA is a team of private professionals who investigate active paranormal happenings in the state of Alaska using the most advanced technology to date. We are strictly confidential and our services are free. IOPIA obtains the largest database of Alaska's paranormal stories, photographs, and sightings. It's the world's largest database on Alaska UFO sightings and photos, true ghost stories, and apparition photographs. Investigators have been researching and investigating every paranormal facet in arctic Alaska for over 13 years. 

The Investigative Paranormal Society of Minnesota (TIPSMN)
TIPSMN is a group of paranormal investigators located in South Eastern Minnesota. We offer free and confidential investigations. Our site offers viewers ghost photos, EVP, articles, discussion forum, and 24 hour paranormal chat. 

Investigative Science of the Paranormal
Investigative Science of the Paranormal is a paranormal research group located in Central Kentucky. During paranormal investigations our team combines hi-tech equipment with research and training for successful results. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility. We have made it our quest to provide substantial evidence that we are not alone in the dark. If you are experiencing unexplainable phenomenon and believe your home or business may be haunted, then please visit our services page or contact us to learn more about ISP investigations. 

Investigators of Spiritual Connections
Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? We're trying to find out. Since 2005, Investigators of Spiritual Connections has been trying to provide samples of evidence pointing to the spiritual realms. Located in Northern Utah we strive to connect with our community in their paranormal interests and needs. 

Illinois Paranormal Researchers
We are a paranormal investigating group operating out of the Chicagoland area. We have been researching and documenting paranormal activity for over 5 years now. We have extensive knowledge of all types of paranormal activity and are dedicated to trying to understand all aspects of the paranormal. We began at a young age to really understand and appreciate the paranormal field. Our members are completely dedicated to helping people understand unexplained phenomenon. We believe in helping our clients understand what's going on in their place of residence or business organizations. We want to educate clients on how to deal with paranormal activity. We will try to prove or disprove a haunting in any way possible. We will do whatever it takes to resolve the situation.

Illinois Research and Investigation Society of the Paranormal
The Illinois Research and Investigation Society of the Paranormal (I.R.I.S. Paranormal) strives to provide a reliable, professional, and confidential investigation. We serve the Chicago land area and most of Northwest Illinois. If you believe to have witnessed paranormal activity and would like our help or more information please visit our web site.

IRIS-Investigative Research In Spirit 
Shelley King is the founder of IRIS-Investigative Research in Spirit, located in Cumberland, Rhode Island. She offers private home and business spirit investigations. She also conducts seminars and workshops regarding spirit communication. She is also a travel agent who travels around the world to haunted places and can help you book a Ghostly Getaway. Shelley specializes in EVP-Electronic Voice Phenomena and has just completed a segment with the Sci Fi Channel. 

Irish Ghosts and Legends 
True stories of ghosts and hauntings from Ireland North and South, dare you enter?

Island Ghost Investigations
Island Ghost Investigations is a non-profit research group based on Long Island, NY. We are dedicated to assisting those who may be experiencing paranormal activity. Our goal is to understand the paranormal, why it occurs and ultimately strive for clearer knowledge of the supernatural.

Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations
Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations is a new group whose aim is to investigate and document the world's most haunted island! This site was set up in conjunction with Gay Baldwin (Ghost-Island) — author of six books about the island's ghosts. We have members from across the UK as well as Canada and America. Our Core Team consists of mediums, sensitives, believers as well as sceptics, so a good mixed group. The website is open to anyone — all are welcome!

Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations
Isle of Wight Ghost Investigations is a new group whose aim is to investigate and document the world's most haunted island! This site was set up in conjunction with Gay Baldwin (Ghost-Island) — author of six books about the island's ghosts. We have members from across the UK as well as Canada and America. Our Core Team consists of mediums, sensitives, believers as well as sceptics, so a good mixed group. The website is open to anyone — all are welcome!

Island Ghost Investigations
Island Ghost Investigations is a non-profit research group based on Long Island, NY. We are dedicated to assisting those who may be experiencing paranormal activity. Our goal is to understand the paranormal, why it occurs and ultimately strive for clearer knowledge of the supernatural. Our approach to investigating paranormal activity is scientific. We attempt to document claims of paranormal activity using a variety of state of the art, multi-media equipment. All findings are carefully reviewed with an open yet skeptical mind to rule out any possible natural causes. Our investigations are conducted with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. Island Ghost Investigations ensures that under no circumstances will any information regarding locations and persons involved be released. Only if a Client wishes to publicize the 'activity', will any consideration be made. Island Ghost Investigations does not claim to have all the answers but our experience and knowledge of the field has allowed us to provide accurate results.

ITC Researcher – Electronic Spirit Comunications 
ITC – Instrumental Trans-Communication, makes use of added noises by electronics enhancement that allow spirits to manipulate into voices. Several microphones, radios, light, audio software programs, along with extra noises in the system make this different from EVP. My Web site goes into much more detail. I also have never received spirit voices yet! Be the first to hear my first spirit voice!

J-Ski Paranormal Investigation Group 
Based in Buffalo NY, J-PING strives to provide clients with a high-quality, professional, and scientific paranormal investigation. Our services are free and are geared toward the unique circumstances of each case. We welcome inquiries for residences, small businesses and other larger sites.

James Annitto
James Annitto is a Demonologist In Training and Paranormal Investigator from Rhode Island, his mentor is Carl L. Johnson. James has been on more than 100 cases during his 5 year paranormal career.

Jersey Coast Paranormal Research Society
Serving all of the historic Jersey Coast and more!

Jersey Shore Paranormal Research 
Jersey shore paranormal research uses scientific equipment to try to disprove claims of activity. only if we cant not disprove these claims will they be considered possiable activity, and will be reviewed, studied, and reinvestiagted.We also try to help people learn and understand more about the paranormal activity. all of our services are free of charge. we do every thing we can to help out our clients.

One of Jim's DESTINATIONS, this topic applies a scientific approach to paranormal investigating. It reviews and debunks many of the claims made by those who have been mislead by the TV shows and other bad science that are found in the media today. It also makes recommendations regarding what equipment you need, and what equipment is a waste of time. Techniques and protocol are also discussed, with the ultimate goal of getting good evidence that can stand up to critical review. 

Joel-Anthony Gray: Paranormal Spirituality & Beyond 
Personal, metaphysical, and paranormal site for Joel-Anthony Gray, author, movie/film consultant, gothic photographer, and conference speaker. The Web site compares magical traditions and gives suggestions for protection, ritual, and healing.

Joplin Paranormal Research Society
J.P.R.S. is a paranormal research and investigation team based in Joplin, Missouri. We provide scientific data to prove or disprove collected evidence. We are a non-profit group and provide our service free of charge.

Jorden-Williams Paranormal Investigations 
We are a UK-based paranormal team in Salisbury. We are a team dedicated to recording and documenting our findings on our Web site. Our team is available for location investigation. Please contact us via our Web site.

K.A.S.P.E.R. Paranormal Group
We are a dedicated paranormal group that believes in the advancement of paranormal research as a science. Using our knowledge, equipment, and experience in our investigations, we try to bring explanation, and understanding to any paranormal activity we come in contact with. Kutztown Area Scientific Paranormal Evidence Research (K.A.S.P.E.R.) was founded in May of 2010. Based out of the Kutztown Area in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we perform investigations throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. Our investigations are performed with honesty, integrity, and concern for anyone seeking our assistance.

Kalamazoo Ghost Investigation Society
Kalamazoo Ghost Investigation Society (KGIS) is a paranormal research investigation team based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. All of our team members have encountered a variety of paranormal situations and events throughout their lives — either during personal experiences or while on paranormal investigations. KGIS members fully believe that while we're in the field, we should approach each investigation with an open mind.

Kanawha Valley Paranormal Research
We are Kanawha Valley Paranormal Research and we are located in Charleston, West Virginia. We have been investigating the paranormal since 2001 with emphasis on the afterlife and EVP's. Our research is scientific, with open-minded skepticism. If you have experienced paranormal activities or just have a story that you want to tell, then we want to hear from you. If you have a haunting or paranormal activity that you would like for us to investigate, then please contact us.

Kansas And Missouri Paranormal Society (KAMPS)
Leave your experiences on our message board or discuss cases with us. We have photos and EVP's uploaded. Our goal is to scientifically prove the existence of the paranormal by providing thorough investigations, hard evidence, and careful analysis. 

Kansas City Paranormal Investigations
KCPI is a private group based in the Kansas City-Missouri area, investigating and researching paranormal activity. Through collecting data, combined with diligent research and sound reasoning, we seek to interpret the world of the unexplained.

Kansas Paranormal Investigators
Kansas Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunting Research Society, Psychic Medium & Bioenergy Healing! Kansas Paranormal Investigators out of Topeka, KS uses the latest equipment for scientific results. They are one of very few ghost hunting teams that have their own many-times-validated Psychic Medium who can communicate with the spirit world for additional information and guidance! 

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society
KAPS is dedicated to investigative research into the paranormal. Our mission is to discover the truth concerning real or perceived paranormal activities in the Kentucky area. This research utilizes state of the art technical equipment to detect and record evidence that is uncovered during an investigation. The KAPS philosophy is that true evidence of paranormal activities is that which cannot be explained by normal or natural phenomenon. With this in mind, our investigations first try to determine if there is a physical or natural reason for the observation before it is considered a paranormal event.

Kentucky is a group located in McCreary County, Kentucky. Our website is all about displaying images caught on camera pertaining to ghosts and paranormal.

Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000 
Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000 is a non profit paranormal organization located in McCreary County Kentucky just 8 miles from Scott County Tennessee. We are the only south eastern paranormal society in the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Operations of Paranormal Studies (K.O.P.S.)
We are a very professional team of paranormal investigators located out of Winchester, Kentucky (Clark County). We are here to help anyone who is having a paranormal problem. Our team covers the Kentucky area but will travel anywhere in the United States to help. All of our services are free! If you are having a paranormal problem contact us and we will set up an appointment.

Kentucky P.A.S.T.
Kentucky PAST is an established Paranormal Investigation group Located in Northern Kentucky, each of us is highly skilled with Investigation equipment and use the very best equipment. I am also an inventor and every day I am working on new and improved ways to help our group stay ahead of the field. I also repair and modify our equipment to make it easier to use and to make sure it is functioning properly. We are all very good photographers, and I used to work in a studio when I was younger. We are also just as good with Camcorders and have top knowledge on fixed camera's and the DVR's that record and save our investigations. I personally make sure everyone in the group knows exactly how to use each item we have in our vast inventory. Holly the groups case worker has years of experience in organizing, filing, Preparing and most legal aspects of the field, and she is also my second in command and co-head investigator. We investigate Businesses, Private residences, Graveyards, Historical sites and sometimes we even investigate on and bellow rivers and lakes. Currently we are covering Southeastern Indiana, South Western and South Central Ohio and most of Kentucky. We do plan to do a few places in Tennessee and West Virginia. So feel confident that when you call us we will find out what is really going on. We are very professional and if the client requests us not to release any information we will file it as Private and lock all information in our safe.

Kentucky Paranormal Detectives
we are a small group that was founded for one reason and that is to find the truth. we are located in central and south eastern Kentucky but will consider traveling. We are scientific in all we do and we only offer what proof we acquire and let you make the decision what to make out of it. We offer a free service and will in no way take money for what we do. We deal only in the facts we will stay with the client from the start to the finish and if we can't help we will put you in touch with someone that can.

Kentucky Paranormal Group
Serving the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and surrounding areas. The Kentucky Paranormal Group is a non-profit organization that provides paranormal investigations and research on the investigation site at no cost. If you or any member of your family has felt uneasy in a certain place or experienced anything that cannot be explained in your home or place of employment, please don't hesitate to contact us. All investigations are done in a professional manner and any information about our clients (names, address, etc.) will not be released without written consent.

Key West Paranormal Society
The Key West Paranormal Society (K.W.P.S.)is the first non-profit paranormal investigative team in Key West, with divisions located in Key West, Florida Keys, South Florida, Central Florida, Northeast Florida, and the Florida Panhandle. We also have a demonic division specializing in negative entities and dark hauntings. Our Paranormal Investigators are a group of volunteers who have come together from various backgrounds and locations throughout Florida each sharing the same desire to research and investigate paranormal activity. The Key West Paranormal Society utilizes these individual Paranormal Investigators who have been selected from all over the State to allow for a rapid response to emergency situations in all areas of Florida. Each individual team member has his or her own unique talents and abilities to help ensure every investigation performed is of the highest caliber. Our Paranormal Investigators are equipped with hands-on training on all equipment necessary to research and document paranormal activity. The Key West Paranormal Society has formed one of the most solid paranormal investigative teams on the east coast. As a non-profit our investigations are FREE of charge to our clients, and all investigation results and information given to our K.W.P.S. Paranormal Investigators is and always will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be sold or given to anyone without prior written authorization from the clients we serve. The focus of our Paranormal Investigators is on helping and assisting those in need who are experiencing paranormal activity!

Keystone Paranormal
Keystone Paranormal is a Northwestern Pennsylvania-based paranormal investigations team offering free paranormal investigations. We are a group of serious investigators who are interested in all things paranormal and have a desire to help anyone who feels they are experiencing a haunting or paranormal activity.

Kindred Spirits Paranormal 
Kindred Spirits Paranormal is a small, Wisconsin based, non-profit group of paranormal researchers. We conduct investigations in homes, establishments, cemeteries, and other paranormal locations. EVP plays a pivotal role in our research.

Kitsap Paranormal Investigations
We are a small paranormal investigation group and we also have a larger social group.

Knox County Paranormal Group 
Paranormal investigation and ghost hunting tours in Knox County, Illinois.

Ky Mountain Paranormal Society 
Paranormal research, Eastern Kentucky, Paranormal Society.

L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations 
We use the scientific method to investigate ghostly activity, reports of UFOs, cryptzoological matters, psychic activity, and all forms of unexplainable phenomena. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we're especially interested in the Southeastern US. Our work has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell/George Noory. Our site contains free pictures, video clips, how-to resources and more. 

L.I.F.E. Foundation
Author of "The Other Side," founder of The L.I.F.E. Foundation, Living In Fear Ends. Non profit organization that refers people to Paranormal Investigators throughout the U.S. and all other countries. 

L.I.S.I.T. Long Island Spirit Investigators Team 
We are a group from long island ny , we have been togethe a while , but we have done some changes , we are here to help anyone tha is scared of the paranormal ghost if you think your home or know someone that thinks they are , or a place of work , we will help you to understand what is going on. 

Lachesis Sight Paranormal Investigation and Research
We are the up and coming paranormal investigation team in the north Tampa Bay area. We service Pasco and Hernando counties as well as northern Pinellas and Hillsborogh counties. LSPIR uses scientific methodology and their own perceptions to draw the most logical conclusions for each case. In other words, we do everything we can to uncover the truth for our clients.

Lake County Paranormal Group
Paranormal group in Northern Illinois on the border of Wisconsin. Our group performs paranormal investigations and we explore and map paranormal locations.

Lake Erie Area Paranormal Society
We are a paranormal investigative team located near Buffalo, New York. Our purpose is to investigate and document paranormal activity and unexplained phenomenon in Western New York. All investigations are done free of charge and are completely confidential.

Lake Erie Ghost Hunters
Lake Erie Ghost Hunters Society is dedicated to paranormal exploration. We dedicate our time to help others cohabitate with the "living impaired" and to learning the vast amounts of knowledge in the field of paranormal studies.

Lake Shore Paranormal & Ghost Hunters of Michigan
Our team of professional Investigators research and investigate claims of paranormal activity in Michigan free-of-charge. We are located in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. LSP wants to make sure you are comfortable during your experience. When things are happening that you don't understand, this can be very scary. Our team is experienced and not frightened by these cases and that's why we try to find answers for you and make you feel comfortable about it. Lake Shore Paranormal is not limited to individuals in our group but rather other paranormal societies and teams in the local area as well. We team up with other teams to help us out from time to time.

Lake Wales Ghost Hunters
Paranormal investigations in Lake Wales, Florida.

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations
"You only live once… Sometimes." Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations helps the people of the Las Vegas valley understand the paranormal through education and research. LVPI is a part of the TAPS family and is also affiliated with IGHS, AAPI, MAJDA and the American Ghost Society. We use scientific means to search out the paranormal.

Las Voces Del Mas Alla
Hi there , we're a crew from San Antonio, Texas , who recently started with the researching of paranormal activities. Locally in Texas we have already gone to Black Swan Inn and Yorktown Memorial Hospital, and are planning to go to Limestone Hotel at Boerne, Texas.

The League of Paranormal Investigators, Inc.
The League of Paranormal Investigators, Inc. is a Miami, Florida-based team of highly skilled and experienced paranormal researchers dedicated to investigating spirit and paranormal activities of all kinds including: hauntings, UFO sightings, poltergeist activity, crop circles, alien abductions and undocumented creatures such as Bigfoot, Skunk Ape and Chupacabra. We have a special interest in historical and residential locations. 

Leeds Haunts
A gazetteer of ghosts and haunted places in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England; the site is rapidly expanding to include the rest of Yorkshire. Many of the stories here are not available in any other print medium. 

Leicester Ghost Hunters
We are a small team based in the heart of Leicester, England. Having a number of years of experience in the field of paranormal investigation within the team, we aim to gather as much evidence as possible. We are open to investigate all locations of different sizes whether it be big or small. We will treat each case no matter how big or small with the same level of importance.

Leicestershire Paranormal Research Association (LPRA)
The Leicestershire Paranormal Research Association, LPRA, is an active non profit making organization dedicated to the serious scientific study of anomalous phenomena based in the Midlands, UK. We cover all aspects of the paranormal from ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, UFOs, ESP, earth lights, fortean phenomenon and much more. The team is made up of experienced investigators including psychologists, parapsychologists, paranormal and occult researchers, authors, and audio and photography enthusiasts. 

Legacy Paranormal Research Society
At Legacy PRS we seek out paranormal and supernatural that has been around for ages. Even though there are a lot of skeptics or people that do not believe in spirits, ghosts, hauntings, or other forms of activities, we in turn seek to prove to the people that they are here among us. We are based in West Virginia.

Legend Trackers of Ohio
Legend Trackers of Ohio are researchers of the unexplained. L.T. does not just investigate areas of haunts, but also invites our members to research other venues of the unexplained, such as the elusive Bigfoot, UFO's, etc. L.T.'s home base is in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. We currently are working areas of Cleveland and points along the southeastern corridor of Ohio on to the Ohio River. We also carry out many private investigations of businesses and private residences. Come and join us on our research into the world of the unexplained!

Paranormal and supernatural activity investigations, networking clubs together.

LightStream Paranormal Investigators Convention
LightStream Paranormal Investigators Convention. A line-up of TV's finest Paranormal Investigators! From – A&E, FOX, SyFy, Travel Channel, Court TV and Radio *3 Event Rooms * Vendors * 2 Ghost Hunts with TAPS team members Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango from 'Ghost Hunters on SyFy. Also featured: Keith Age, Tiffany Johnson, Carmen Reed, Tim & Trish Yancey, Beth Brown, Father Andrew Calder and more! Learn the 'tricks of the trade' LS-PIC is where you'll find the pr's and the tools the pros use. 

Litchgate Research Group
Litchgate Research Group, based in Detroit, Michigan, researches reports of paranormal phenomena, including perceived ghosts and psychic activity, and promotes public awareness of critical thinking and scientific methods of inquiry. 

Lincoln County Paranormal
We are a small team based in Lincoln County, Kentucky, who are here to assist you. We approach every case with the needs and feelings of the client in mind. We never disbelieve our clients. We've seen and heard enough to understand even the most seemingly outrageous claims.

Lone Star Spirits – Ghosts of Texas
Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations group investigates various areas such as battlegrounds, places of business, and houses. The reports of each of their investigations are located online and include some photos of the locations and images of the tools they use to investigate the sites.

The Long Island Ghost Hunting Duo
We investigate stories that are made and told. Using methods of technology and mediumship, we find out what stories are true and what stories are created by the human imagination. We are currently located on Long Island, New York but travel to other states in search of the truth.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators
LIPI is a non-profit group dedicated to helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity using objective scientific investigation methods and research. We serve all of Long Island, New York City, New York State, and surrounding areas. Our ghost investigation services are available free of charge to any person or family who might be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or business location. We will investigate the situation and help you understand what may be happening. LIPI can offer suggestions for dealing with the activity or refer you to specialists. The Long Island Paranormal Investigators group use state-of-the-art science and technology including digital video and audio, digital and high speed photography, IR temperature, EMF, and other sensor devices. We do not use Ouija boards, tarot cards, séances or the occult! All evidence collected is objectively analyzed by our team, organized and presented to you for your own review. All information is kept strictly confidential and your privacy is completely secure.

Long Island Paranormal Research and Investigations
LIPRI was formed in May of 2009 with two goals in mind. That is to educate and help those in need. LIPRI is a non-profit organization who are trained, dedicated, and highly motivated to find the answers that their clients so righteously deserve. With their investigations, they hope to bring a peace of mind to everyone involved. By doing so, they conduct a lengthy investigation that not only involves investigating the said area, but by also doing extensive research and interviewing everyone possible. From the moment the client contacts LIPRI till the final reveal, LIPRI will remain in constant contact with the clients as well as far after the reveal. Their cases are never closed and if at anytime paranormal activity picks up or worsens they are just a phone call away for an immediate investigation.

Los Angeles Paranormal Association
Los Angeles Paranormal Association is a paranormal investigative group based out of LA. We are a small, tightly-knit group of investigators — all former members of other paranormal groups — who came together with a common goal and interest. Our mission: we seek to document physical evidence of the paranormal. To this end, we commonly investigate historical and/or reputably haunted locations and report on our findings. We conduct all of our investigations with the utmost of professionalism and will always seek to find a natural explanation where possible. 

Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group
The Los Angeles Paranormal Research Group (LAPRG) investigates claims of paranormal phenomena. We focus mainly on investigations involving apparitions, ghosts, hauntings, poltergeist activity, and other related phenomena. Our group of highly skilled and motivated paranormal researchers and investigators are some of the best in the field. We strive to rule out the conventional and scientifically accepted possibilities before arriving at any paranormal conclusions or assumptions. We employ popular, scientific methods in our investigations and research, and we take much care in ensuring that sound judgments are utilized. 

Louisiana Spirit Hunters: Paranormal Investigations
New Orleans is known to be a great site to find some lingering spirits. Do some research in your area, almost all of the ground in Louisiana has history attached to it. If you have ever been haunted or are currently being haunted, or having experiences in dealing with various entities please visit our Web site and email us. ParaScience: investigations of ghosts, hauntings, spirits, poltergeists, and supernatural activity. 

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society was founded in 1996, by Keith Age, the Louisville, Kentucky representative for the American Ghost Society and a 25-year veteran in the area of Paranormal investigation. Age founded the L.G.H.S. primarily as a teaching tool in order to help people come together with other like-minded individuals to try and foster a better understanding of the unknown. 

Louisville Haunting Documentations
We are paranormal investigators based in Louisville, Kentucky. Our main goal is to document paranormal phenomena both for our own desires to seek out the unusual and to furnish our prospective clients with hard evidence that they may share with others, or keep to themselves. We never charge a fee or ask for donations. We offer professionalism and complete confidentiality. 

Louisville Paranormal Investigations
We are paranormal investigators based in Louisville, Kentucky. We are here to help and to find the truth. We use investigative techniques that are used in the living world, and the spirit world. Founded by H. Newton & C. Craft in 2007. 

Discovering the paranormal and metaphysical with intrepid gusto! 

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