New Zealand Poltergeist BY BIGBRADWOLF

New Zealand Poltergeist

I grew up in New Zealand, a country rich in spiritual culture from Western to Maori beliefs and practices. Even the government's transit authority must halt work when matakite (Maori seers) indicate the presence of burial grounds and spirits. In fact, a recent halting of a roading byphappy project confirmed a matakite's prediction when bodies were indeed unearthed, then re-interned in another burial place. Maori have long seen and interacted with the deceased, and many, many people in New Zealand have stories to tell.

I grew up in a small town in the 1980s, mainly raised by my grandmothers as my own family was large and quite poor, and I was the youngest. My grandfathers had passed away, and I never met them. However, in one grandmother's house, I had my first of MANY spiritual experiences that continue to this very day.

Falling asleep one night as a five-year old, I was startled to see the heavy-set silhouette of a large and tall man walking into my room and toward my bed, when nobody was home but my grandmother. Terrified, I dived under the covers and stayed there until I fell asleep. My grandfather had lived in that house until his death, as had an uncle, although the uncle was not a tall man – but my grandfather was, and had problems with alcohol and violence.

From then on, my life became littered with similar experiences. The familiar "night terrors": a black shape hovering over my bed as I lay there paralyzed; black shadows walking around the house; scratching and tapping at the walls and windows; and constant tingles indicating I was not alone. I grew up terrified, to be honest, for most of my childhood! A strange man often spoke to me in lucid dreams. I dreamed vividly of the sheets being pulled down by unseen hands and being levitated in the middle of the night once, only to suddenly find myself awake with all the lights on and the sheets pulled down, where before the lights had been off and my sheets tucked firmly in. I cannot deny the experience felt like a dream, so perhaps it was, but the evidence and history seemed to indicate otherwise.

As I was moved from grandma to grandma, to aunties, back to my parents, and around and about all over the North Island of New Zealand, these almost weekly incidents followed me — and even two of my cousins experienced them, too. Nobody believed me. My mother had her own spiritual experiences and considered herself "fey", but my father was very skeptical. Until the most revealing incident of all….

My father had left to take my sister to the airport, and my mother and I were at home alone eating breakfast and watching TV in her bed. I was eight years old. I left the room and walked up the hallway to the room at the end of the house that was my bedroom, around which strange events seemed to centre (animals would avoid the room, and it was particularly "heavy" in spiritual presence). My mother was behind me, walking up to the bathroom next to the room. As I walked into the bedroom, the centre of the room twisted around, like a blurry vortex. The strange part is, from the several bookshelves around the room, books lifted from the shelves into the air and scattered around the room, picked up by the strange force!

I screamed, not realising my mother was right behind me – and had seen it all! It was almost as if a portal of some sort had opened; like one of those old Windows screensavers that spun around the computer screen twisting and blurring everything. In fact, that's almost exactly what it looked like (even if it was still some years away from invention!). Perhaps, though, it was a spirit or entity. I saw nothing but a blur. If it were a portal… well, part of me wishes enormously that I had walked into it to see where it would go or what would happen, but as an eight-year-old, I was scared out of my wits. To this day, my mother affirms the story, who is really the only witness other than myself I can count on for the majority of my supernatural encounters!

From this point, I was moved out of that bedroom by my mother, who told me never to dabble in dark things, and grilled me about whether I had used a Ouija board or anything similar. I hadn't, and just as an aside, I did not grow up in a religious family at all, so there was little influence there.

From this point, things became a little more… telekinetic. I would find potplants swinging above my head in full view of crowded rooms, lights flickering on and off, TVs and CDs starting of their own accord… all centred around me. My new bedroom was next to what I had come to call the "haunted" room, but I kept the door firmly shut, and only had a few experiences of night terrors after that, but the poltergeist-type activity continued unabated.

A truly bizarre experience is also sandwiched into these events, and even I have no idea still what to think about it. All that was happening led me to question the idea of God, and I prayed for proof one day – I prayed for an earthquake. An hour later, I walked into the house and my mother asked, "Did you feel that earthquake?" My eyes nearly popped out of my head, and I told her that I had asked for it as proof. She scolded me and said never to do things like that again. But that night there was the BIGGEST earthquake I had ever experienced in my life. New Zealand was constantly full of tremors, so it is not too bizarre, apart from the TRULY BIZARRE coincidence of that day. I still pray, even though I feign agnosticism. I can never shake that experience, and I find praying very consoling.

After this point, and as I got older, a type of premonitory ability began to surface. This is the one thing that is strongest to this day. I dreamed of both my grandmothers' deaths, and an uncle's, but only symbolically – through black animals, a raven, a horse, a moth – and never understood them until after the events. This still happens to this day – even to the point of the most trivial things in random conversations appearing in my dreams the night before I have them!

However, the telekinetic events stopped as I reached my later teens. The spectres and night terrors all but vanished. I have seen many strange things since – "spirit lights" (even last night one danced through my room as I watched a DVD) and flickers out of the corner of my eyes, but never anything substantially visual. However, I am VERY sensitive now to people and places, and often the most random information pops into my head and is often proved correct by very unsettled people! It's as if a lifetime of strange experiences has opened me to being psychic, or I was born with psychic ability, which led me to see and experience all sorts of strange things before I managed to control it.

And I did make the effort to control it and defend myself against what was normally a NEGATIVE force. I would visualise white light, after reading about it; and I would pray, and rationalise. But, yes, the "haunting" was a negative experience generally; the other psychic and telekinetic events did not so much and do not bother me anymore.

What do I actually believe about it all though? I now have two university degrees and I have a spiritual side, but I also have a strong background in science and work as both an internet technician and musician. So, despite not doubting most of my experiences for a second, I do try to analyse them objectively. I would say that the most scientifically likely explanation to everything was indeed some sort of poltergeist activity emanating from myself as a child with an okay but often tumultuous upbringing, shipped around homes.

This activity continues through my psychic experiences, and I since believe that it is a quite normal, if not constant, ability in humans and other species – the ability somehow to transcend the normal perception of time. However, I am also left with the distinct leaning toward believing that, yes indeed, there are spirits and entities out there. And, yes, there can be nasty ones, and that I was plagued and tormented by one of the latter. It's not all bad, though. If that is indeed true, then at least it means one day I will get to see my beloved grandmothers again!

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