EVP Recordings

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP)

Introduction to Electronic Voice Phenomena

One of the most common techniques that paranormal investigators employ when conducting investigations is the use of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP.   EVP is a common phenomenon in the paranormal world where by voices or sounds are picked up on analog/digital voice recorders, but not heard at the time of actual recording.  Thus, sounds and/or voices are only heard upon playback of recordings.  An analog tape recorder or digital voice recorder is the most common device for obtaining EVP.  However, voices and/or sounds have been known to appear on answering machines, radios and cell phones from time to time.   Some of the most common sounds documented, consist of knocking, banging, tapping, rapping, footsteps and other non-verbal noises.  Voices can range from a minute whisper all the way to a recognizable word or phrase.


 The two methods of EVP that I integrate while investigating the paranormal realm are active and passive EVP.  Active EVP entails the investigator asking questions to the spirit world, in hopes of receiving a response.  The questions are usually in a YES/NO format, because it may be easier for the entity to respond in a one-word fashion.  The other method of EVP is known as passive, where the investigator sets his or her recorder down and lets it continuously trace voices or sounds.  In my opinion, I personally like to use active EVP more often, simply because I enjoy my attempts at communicating to the spirit world.  Most experienced investigators use the active approach.  With the passive approach, meaning that you set your recorder somewhere and let it roll, you HAVE to make sure that the environment your recorder is in is controlled.  For example, make sure that all doors and windows are closed at all times and that no one enters the room.  If someone enters the room, he or she should state it and the time they leave the room.  NEVER walk around with your recorder in attempts of acquiring an EVP because there is too much room for erroneous noise that might be mistaken for actual spirit communication.

Theories and Classifications

There are different theories for and classifications of Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Telekinesis is one of the main theories of how Electronic Voice Phenomena works.  Telekinesis or T.K. is basically the ability of the mind to influence a physical object.  Thus, there seems to be some speculation that an entity's energy can manipulate the investigator's recording device, thereby producing audible voices or sounds.  EVP can be classified into three main categories: Class A, Class B and Class C.  The following is a detailed explanation of the three different modules.


    Class A: An identifiable word or phrase loud enough to be heard without the aid of headphones.  Everyone agrees on what is said.

    Class B: A word or phrase that may not be recognizable by every investigator,  but can be heard without the use of headphones.      

    Class C: A word or phrase that is not identifiable and needs to be perceived with the use of headphones; very soft and faint

    Class R:  R stands for Reversible.  Occasionally, if you reverse the audio or segment an identifiable word or phrase is understood in reverse.

EVP Ghost Voice Recordings samples below….











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