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July 4th, 2017 by Kathy Sims

Montjuïc Cemetery

The Montjuïc Cemetery is a unique place, to be sure, with unusual and modernist graves.

Opened in March of 1883, Montjuïc is the biggest cemetery in Barcelona. It’s placed on the top of Montjuïc, which itself is a nice little mountain beneath the Mediterranean sea. You can find there famous graves in the cemetery, like those of Catalan leader Lluis Companys (1882-1940), Spanish anarchist militant Buenaventura Durruti (1896-1936), artist Joan Miró (1893-1983), and many more. If you walk to the top you can see a crematorium from Roman times. The journey to the crematorium is a very long walk. It takes more than 3 hours to tour the entire cemetery.

In a silent western wing of the cemetery is el Fossar de la Pedrera (the Grave of the Quarry). An estimated 4,000 people were buried there after their execution by the Franco regime following the fall of Barcelona to fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War. The quarry contains memorials to the victims of fascism and the holocaust, Lluis Companys (the last president of Catalunya before the civil war) and, recently, a monument commemorating the aspirations of the social revolution of 1936. El Fossar de la Pedrera is a moving and melancholy place. 

Walking through beautiful modernist graves, surrounded by pines and watching the sea. Experiencing this cemetery is widely considered to be one of the most enjoyable experiences in Barcelona.

The Cementiri de Montjuïc is a little difficult to reach. The easiest way to get there is to take the 21 bus from the Jardins de Walter Benjamin at the Place de les Drassanes, near (but not at) the southern end of Las Ramblas. But bus will stop at the bottom of the cemetery, after which the 107 bus can take you to the top–this is advantageous as the cemetery is nearly vertical! The more adventurous approach would be to walk about Montjuic until coming across the cemetery from the top. If you do that, do not assume you can walk back toward Las Ramblas/along the sea front. It's all closed off for the Port Authority and there are no safe footpaths along or near the highway after the bus stop.

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June 29th, 2017 by Annie Simms

Freddy Jackson Ghost

Freddy Jackson was a good friend and well liked among his comrades at R.A.F. Sadly, Jackson was killed in an accident involving a propeller. A few days later his fellow airmen posed for a group picture. They had no idea that Freddie had no intentions of being left out..Dead or not. Was Jackson reaching out to his friends from beyond the grave? Was this his way of letting them know that he was still with them?


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June 29th, 2017 by Annie Simms

S.S. Watertown Ghosts

This eerie picture was taken from on board the S.S. Watertown. Two of the men on the ship were accidentally killed in a tragic accident and buried at sea. Afterwards, the crew began to report seeing the faces of the dead crewmen in the water, following the ship. The captain witnessed this as well and all were disturbed by the experience. After docking and telling their story, the captain feared that nobody would believe him and was encouraged to take a camera the next time the ship left for sea. This picture, which many say are the ghosts of the two dead crewmen is the result.



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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

The Pink Lady

This ghost picture was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at an alleged haunted mansion known as Ohare Mansion. After hearing rumors of paranormal activity at the mansion, two long time friends decided to explore the mansion in hopes of documenting some evidence of ghosts. The picture above seems to show a clear image of a ghostly woman (pink in color) in one of the windows of the haunted mansion. This image was also captured on the video footage shot that night and appears on the negatives as well. Guy Winters is the friend named for capturing this spooky evidence and stands by his story that the picture is indeed a real ghost picture. The photo of “The Pink Lady” has been featured on television news shows and has been subjected to heavy photo analysis. All of which have concluded that the picture seems genuine. What do you think?


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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

Return of Grandpa

This image has only gained attention in recent years, but gave me chills the first time I read it’s story. It was taken shortly before the woman seen in the photograph passed away. After her death, the family though that the photo was nice and passed out copies to loved ones. It was years before anyone noticed the man standing behind their grandma. The gathering where the photo had been taken was a small, family only gathering. Nobody seemed to recognize the man or remember him being there. Upon closer examination, the family quickly realized that they had seen the man before. It was their grandpa. A man that had been dead for many years before this picture was taken. Had he returned to escort his love to the other side?


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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

Toys R Us Ghost

One of the most famous ghost pictures ever snapped, this image was taken during a seance that was being held inside of a Toys R Us store in Sunnyvale, California. The store is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young man who worked on the Murphy family farm during the 1800’s. The farm sat in the exact spot where the toy store was built. The legend is that the young farmhand was in love with the daughter of the farm owner but had his heart broken when she skipped town with a wealthy lawyer.

The young man allegedly named “Johnson” was later killed in an accident involving an axe, in which he bled to death. Old news paper clippings confirm much of the story, although it was psychic Sylvia Brown, who conducted this seance in 1978 that revealed much of this legend. The leaning man in the background was allegedly not there at the time of the photograph. Also, no other cameras that were taking pictures at the same time managed to capture the leaning figure.

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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

The Riddle House

The Riddle House was built in 1905 and is located in Yesteryear Village, Palm Beach County Florida. However, the village is not it’s original location. Riddle House was originally built in palm beach, but after many years of neglect, the city planned to demolish the historic victorian home. A nephew of a former owner decided that the old house shouldn’t be torn down and moved it to Yesteryear Village, where it still sits today. So what makes Riddle House important to ghost hunters and paranormal fans alike?

Haunted History of The Riddle House

The Riddle House was originally built and used as a funeral parlor. The parlor was adjacent to Woodlawn Cemetery. It wasn’t long before the old cemetery became host to crimes such as grave robbing. The Riddle House was then converted into the “Gatekeepers Cottage” which housed cemetery employees that were in charge of security and other things needed at the cemetery. it was during this time that a cemetery employee known only  as “Buck” was allegedly killed during an argument on the cemetery grounds. Locals would report seeing the ghost of Buck, who seemed to be continuing his work at Woodlawn cemetery.

Later in 1920, Karl Riddle, who was serving as city manager and supervisor of Woodlawn Cemetery, moved into the rumored haunted house and made it his own private residence. This is when the Riddle House received it’s name and was no longer known as the Gatekeepers Cottage.

Soon after, The Riddle House witnessed it’s first tragedy as a groundsman by the name of “Joseph”, hung himself in the attic. This was around the time of the great depression and Joseph had become depressed over financial woes. Visitors to the Riddle House started to have strange experiences and would often report seeing the shadow of a man through the attic windows. Many believed that this was the ghost or spirit of Joseph, the former groundskeeper who had hung himself.

Ghostly Activity

It didn’t take Karl Riddle  long to notice the paranormal activity within the home. Stairs would creak as if something was being dragged up the old stairs. Workers would report voices, strange noises and sometimes even being touched by unseen hands. After awhile, Karl and his family left the home and a number of businesses attempted to make the old haunted house their own. Everyone who inhabited the house was faced with the same scary, unexplainable and ghostly activity as previous tenants.

In the 1980’s the Riddle House was used as a girls dormitory for Palm Beach Atlantic College, but that didn’t last long either. Soon there was nobody willing to try moving into or using the riddle house. It sat unattended and it eventually started to deteriorate. The city decided to destroy it and that is when John Riddle, Karl’s nephew stepped in.

The city donated the house to John and he had the home moved to Yesteryear Village, which consists of historic homes that have been moved from their original location, or ones built exactly like homes that were destroyed in the local area. The moving of Riddle House is what many say “awakened” the ghosts and spirits within the home. Many paranormal investigators will tell you that construction and renovations to a home seem to disturb any ghosts that my reside in the home. That is exactly what seemed to happen to the old Riddle House.

Visitors to the home have had their hair pulled, heard disembodied voices, witnessed ghostly apparitions and more within the home. Workers who helped move the home had so many terrifying experiences that some of them never returned to work. One of the most interesting cases involved the ladders. Ladder that were left up overnight were found knocked over. Sometimes the ladders would be moved completely. This is believed to be connected to Joseph who had hung himself by kicking the ladder from underneath his own feet in the attic. One carpenter had the lid from an iron pot hurled at his head and hasn’t entered the riddle house since.

Things being thrown have become common at the home and many people are afraid to even go inside. This has prompted numerous paranormal investigations, by people wanting to prove that the ghosts of Riddle House are real.  The Riddle House has been the center of investigations, television spots and more since it’s humble beginnings in 1905 and is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in Florida.

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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

Foothill Boulevard Fontana, CA route 66

This road was once part of Route 66 and is said to be haunted by a young man’s ghost wearing a striped shirt and carrying a long stick, thought to be a buggy whip. His ghost crosses the street as cars approach and then vanishes. He is said to sometimes be accompanied by a black dog.



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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

Casa de Mexicano Los Angeles, CA


According to stories, this restaurant is said to be haunted by nine different ghosts. Witnesses have heard knocking and footsteps and have seen lights turn on and off by themselves. A Mexican man’s apparition has also has be seen wearing jeans, boots and a checkered shirt. Cold spots have also been reported here.

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June 29th, 2017 by Janet Planet

Witch of Cobb Mountain Altadena, CA

This area is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Crystal Calhoon, also known as the Wicked Witch of the West by locals. She is said to linger the area with her small dog and has been seen vacuuming feverishly. Witnesses have said that when they have come in contact with her, they end up missing something shiny that they had on them.



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June 10th, 2017 by Richard

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Web Site


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a four star hotel with 4 star prices, located in the heart of historic Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard, just steps away from the TCL Chinese Theater and Dolby Theater. It is also close to The Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, this twelve story luxury hotel was built for the rich and famous; the biggest and brightest Hollywood stars. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Spanish Colonial Revival style, found in its structure and its decor, was designed by architects Fisher, Lake & Traver.

It was financed by successful movie stars; Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and movie mogul Louie B Mayer, among others. This twelve story luxury hotel with 300 rooms and suites cost 2.5 million dollars, which was quite a chunk of change in 1927.

It had its grand opening on May 15th, 1927, offering everything that would please people who were expecting perks and amenities due to their fame and social class. These amenities included a large pool, large banquet rooms, a penthouse library, luxury suites, room service, probably massages, laundry service and an elegant, first class decorum.

Many successful movie stars enjoyed staying here, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. The stable of actors and actresses that worked for Louie B Mayer's film Studio all got to stay here, as he helped to build it.

Some actors and actresses stayed here for a period of time, when they were on their way up the success ladder, that brought them fame and fortune.

Marilyn Monroe was a resident guest for two years when her modeling career soared. Her first magazine photos were taken at The Roosevelt Hotel, pool-side.

Montgomery Clift stayed in room 928 for three months in 1952, while filming the movie, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. During his three month stay at the Roosevelt Hotel, Montgomery Clift was learning his lines successfully and practicing his trumpet skills for this hit film, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY; a role that he received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor. Surely, this was one of the highlights of his life.

By 1984, The Roosevelt Hotel had become a fixer-upper opportunity. Its owners stepped up to the plate, and spent a boatload of money, providing a 12 million dollar restoration/renovation face lift to this grand old Hollywood Dame of a hotel. She once more was a glorious, elegant, historical hotel, with modern amenities and perks that the well-to-do enjoy.

New artistic beauty has been added to the Roosevelt Hotel. According to the hotel's website, they state "In 1988, British painter David Hockney completed a multi-million dollar mural painted on the bottom of the Tropicana Pool, which has since been hailed as one of Los Angeles’s greatest artistic and architectural marvels. Both the hotel and the pool have been designated Historic-Cultural Monuments by the Citys Cultural heritage Commission."

In 2005, another major renovation was completed, and was overseen by Dodd Mitchell. The spirit people who stay here seem to approve of the changes, and continue to enjoy their after-life at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Entity of a Five year old Little Girl – Caroline

In the early morning hours, she has appeared in the main lobby area, looking like a real child. She wears jeans with a pink jacket and had her hair tied up in a pony tail. She likes to skip around the lobby, singing. Imagine the surprise when she disappeared right before the receptionist, who thought she was alive!

In 1992, psychic Peter James first encountered her in the Academy Room, where she told him her name and that she was looking for her mother. During a second investigation, Peter found her again in the Penthouse Library; crying, worried that her mother may be hurt. He comforted her, and she disappeared.

Two Male spirits in The Blossom Ballroom

A male entity, dressed in a tux, radiates anxiety in The Blossom Ballroom. He isn't always seen, but there is a cold spot about 30 inches in diameter, which was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the room. Psychics report that he was in attendance at one of the Academy Awards banquets and was nominated for an award. Perhaps he is trying to work through his disappointment in not winning, as he can't let go of this world just yet.

A male entity who entertains the living in The Blossom Ballroom

Guests have heard the piano in the Blossom Room being played while strolling on the mezzanine, near the Blossom Ballroom. When they look over the balcony, they see a man wearing a white suit at the piano who disappears when noticed by the living.

Entities Enjoying Themselves

Security guards have seen what they thought was a person swimming in the pool on security cameras both very late at night, and in the wee hours of the morning, when the pool is closed for the living guests. When a guard went to get this person out of the pool, there is no one visible there.

This pool-side guard communicated on his walkie-talkie to report this, and waved his hands at the camera. However, on the security camera, the other guard saw that the other poolside guard was waving his hands through the apparition's head. The apparition had obediently gotten out of the pool and was standing right next to the poolside guard.

Besides the Entity of Marilyn Monroe, other entities enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrors at The Roosevelt Hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel spirit-people get their chuckles at the expense of the other guests, from time to time.

Guests have been locked out of their own rooms, when their doors were mysteriously locked from the inside.

A maid was pushed into a closet by an unseen presence.

Attempts to film the known haunted places in the hotel have been foiled by unexplainable electrical failure, etc.

Entities often stay in empty rooms.

The switchboard will get calls from empty rooms, perhaps wanting service.

Phones are lifted off their receivers in empty rooms.

Disembodied voices are heard coming from empty rooms, and the sounds of nonexistent children playing in the hallways have been reported by other guests.

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June 10th, 2017 by Richard

Bessie Love Cabin


2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90046



The Bessie Love cabin can be found toward the top of the rugged Laurel Canyon, built on a lot back away from the road on Lookout Mountain, which has a glorious view of the Los Angeles basin.


Around 1918, the Laurel Canyon area had a rustic, countryside atmosphere, yet was close to the city. A development of cabins/bungalows were built on a group of lots, collectively called Bungalow Land. A series of walkways and gardens tied all the bungalows, both up and down the hills, and in-between, together as a community, popular with the well-to-do Hollywood folk.


The cabin is one story, with one bedroom, a nice living room, a bathroom and a kitchen, all perfect for a single person. It has heavy, wooden doors.


Back in the mid 1800s, soon after California became a state, the Laurel Canyon area was the favorite hideout of the Mexican Robin Hood, Tiburcio Vasquez, who liked to steal from the new landowners who were awarded the land taken from the former Mexican farmers and ranchers. Vasquez found the hidden caves in the area great places to hide his loot. Two fortune hunters came, looking for some of Vasquez's ill-gotten gold. Unfortunately, they were caught by Vasquez, and killed on the land that the cabin was built on; the same cabin which screen actress Bessie Love bought as her first home.


Two ghosts haunt the property and cabin, still looking for Vasquez's gold.

  1. In 1918, when she was barely 20 years old, Bessie Love was making a great living in Hollywood in silent movies and she eagerly bought her first home, this lovely cabin in this beautifully rugged setting. She discovered that she wasn't alone.

    1. There were a variety of odd occurrences that she at first tried to ignore or explain away. She would hear a low moaning sound, men's voices, experience electrical problems, doors would open and close by themselves, lights would turn themselves on and off, and there were definite cold spots felt in the living room, despite what the weather was like outside.

    2. One night, when one of Bessie's friends was sleeping in a makeshift bed in the living room, she awoke to the sound of a man's voice. The living room was fully lit by the full moon. She at first saw nothing. After hearing a voice once again, she was frightened when she saw a transparent man walk through a wall into the living room After adjusting his cowboy hat, he continued through the living room and went into the kitchen, not seeming to notice the now terrified guest. The scared guest ran into Bessie's bedroom, where they stayed together for the night.

  2. Various people made the cabin their home until the 1980s. In 1984 or so, remodeling the cabin had begun but was abandoned for some unknown reason, and the cabin was vacant for nearly 10 years, until a film electrician moved into the place in 1993. 

    1. During the week that he was moving into the cabin, he and his friend left the big, heavy wooden front door open, as the weather was hot and still. The ancient door had a difficult lock on it that had to be turned in just the right manner to lock or unlock the door. On one occasion, the heavy door slowly closed and locked itself, temporarily locking out the electrician. In another instance, during that same week, the door once again slowly closed, and not only was the door locked again, but the deadbolt lock was also turned as well!
    2. As he continued to live there, the electrician experienced unexplainable electrical and power problems in the cabin, which no one else in the community had experienced. Cold spots could be again felt in the living room. His fully charged cell phone wouldn't work as long as he was on the property, though in theory he was supposed to have cell coverage


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June 10th, 2017 by Richard

Star of India


1492 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, California 92101

Web Link * (619) 234-9153


The Star of India sailing ship is docked at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.


The Star of India (originally known as The Euterpe), the oldest working sailing ship, is described as an 1863 era iron, ship-rigged, sailing ship, with a long life history being used in the merchant trade business, hauling cargo, transporting immigrants, etc. It has a plain bluff bow and a full stern with windows. The original ship, The Euterpe, was a full-rigged ship, which meant it was a square rigged sailing ship with three or more masts, all of them square rigged.

However, The Euterpe was modernized in 1901 and given a barque sailing system, as a result of having new owners. This system resulted in superior all-around performance with far smaller and less skilled crews. This mast and sail arrangement has 3 masts, fore and aft sails on the aftermost mast and square sails on all other masts.

The top inside level of the Star of India housed the captain and his top crew managers, the captain's office, their eating area, etc.

The in-between level, between the top level and the bottom area of the hull housed the crew and passengers in rather close quarters.


The original ship, The Euterpe, named for a Greek goddess, was built in the shipyard at Ramsey in the Isle of Man, England in 1863. It was one of the first ships made of iron, as most ships of the day were made of wood. The company who built her immediately put her to work as a cargo ship in the Indian jute trade. The Euterpe had a rough first voyage, suffering both a ship fender bender collision and an attempted mutiny!

The second voyage was a hair raiser as well. The Euterpe was caught up in a nasty cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, but she managed to limp into port, after having to cut away her topmasts! The stress caught up with The Euterpe's first captain who died on board soon afterward.

After 4 more successful, uneventful trips to India as a cargo ship, The Euterpe was sold in 1871 to the Shaw Savill Line of London. For the next 25 years, the ship brought emigrants, a tough, hardy lot, to New Zealand, Australia, California and Chile, making 21 trips, through all kinds of weather.

In 1894, The Euterpe was chartered by explorer Archibald Campion for his polar expedition, because of the ship's iron hull, and because the ship had both crew quarters and cargo holds. Interestingly, Archibald brought along his own invention, an electric motor with a variety of interesting attachments, which allowed the crew to power the ship through the ice and also provided light and heat.

In 1898, The Euterpe was sold to an American company, The Alaska Packers. After being modernized with a barque sailing system mentioned above in 1902, The Euterpe began sailing from Oakland, Calif. to the Bering Sea during the Spring, with fishermen, cannery workers, box shook and tin plate on board. When they returned in the following Fall, they brought back canned salmon.
In 1906, The Alaska Packer renamed The Euterpe, calling her The Star of India.

By 1923, sailing ships were replaced with more reliable steam ships, so The Star of India was taken out of service and was "laid up". Her future looked grim until a group of San Diegans, led by reporter Jerry MacMullen, raised $9,000 dollars to buy The Star of India and had her towed to San Diego in 1926. A grand restoration was planned for the ship, but then the depression came, followed by WW2.

So, for 30 years, The Star of India sat there, slowly deteriorating into a tattered image of its former self. Luckily, The Star of India's fate was changed yet again, this time by an experienced, highly thought of windjammer skipper, Captain Alan Villers, who while on a speaking tour came to San Diego, in 1957.

Seeing the bedraggled state of The Star of India, the now incensed Captain Alan let all of San Diego know how upset he was that the people had neglected such a great ship for so long, making a lot of people very ashamed of themselves. A fund was established to collect money for its restoration. Skilled workmen who had experience from working on the waterfront volunteered and began to repair the aging hulk, making other much needed repairs.


  1. The oldest known entity is believed to be a young man by the name of John Campbell. It seems that in 1884, John Campbell, a teen-aged boy seeking adventure, stowed away on The Euterpe. He was eventually discovered and put to work to earn his keep. While tending to the masts, about 100 feet above the deck, his foot slipped and he fell to the deck below, breaking both legs. He died 3 days later in great pain.

    1. Sometimes when the living stand near the mast where young John fell off, they feel a cold hand touch them, as to warn them not to climb the mast, or perhaps just to let them know of his presence
  2. A horrible accident happened in the anchor chain locker, a dark storage compartment located below the main deck, toward the bow of the ship. A Chinese crewman was in this locker area going about his business when crewmen on the deck above began to start the machinery to raise the anchor. The chain filled the anchor chain storage locker, slowly crushing the Chinese crewman to death. No one heard his screams because of the noise of the machines and chains!


    1. In the area around the chain locker a persistent cold spot is often noticed by the living.
  3. Some crewmen throughout the years suffered horrible accidents, and some wasted away from fatal illnesses, spending their last hours alive in the cramped crew quarters where they died.

    A sense of fear and anxiety as well as cold spots and a chilly room temperature are reported by the living and psychic-sensitive people, when they visit the crew's quarters.

  1. An entity is still busy in The Star of India's kitchen, which has not been used in years.

    1. Pots and pans have moved by themselves, with no help from the living.

    2. The smell of freshly baked bread sometimes fills the kitchen and dining area.

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June 10th, 2017 by Richard

Ghost of Sam Warner

6423-45 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, California 90048  

(West of Vine, East of Highland)


The biggest theater ever built in Hollywood, this grand landmark theater is being restored to its former glory, though it looks rather sad from the outside, partially hidden by bars and street trash.

1927 was a busy year for Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner, as they not only were putting everything at risk by making the first talkie film, The Jazz Singer, but were also building their new larger than life movie theater, known as The Warner Pacific Theater. Sam, a driven, focused person was involved intimately with both projects. Because he was a key participant in the development of sound, his skills were needed in making the film. He also insisted in personally installing the sound system in the new theater as well. Needless to say, he unfortunately didn't get much rest or sleep. When it became obvious that the theater wasn't going to be finished in time for the film's premiere, he cursed at the theater, while in the lobby.

Sam Warner never got to see the New York premiere of their revolutionary film or see the theater completed six months later. 24 hours before the first showing of The Jazz Singer on Oct. 1927, Sam Warner suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in Los Angeles.


When the grand Warner Pacific Theater was opened to the public on April 29,1928, the other Warner brothers mounted a memorial plaque honoring Sam in the lobby.

  1. Soon after the opening of the theater, the apparition of Sam Warner was seen going about his business in the theater and in the upstairs offices. He also liked to pace in the lobby.

  2. Throughout the years, Sam has been a strong presence in his theater.

    1. Men on a cleaning detail were terrified to see Sam's entity walk across the lobby, push the elevator button, go on the elevator and go up to the second floor! The guard wasn't frightened though, but wondered why Sam didn't just float up to the second floor.

    2. The current security personnel are quite familiar with Sam and accept his presence as being just a part of the building. His presence, whether seen or unseen, likes to ride the elevator up to the second floor offices. When finished he'll take the elevator back down to the lobby.

    3. When the theater is quiet, they can hear him in the upstairs offices moving chairs, etc. Guards have seen his clear, detailed form doing his work up in these offices.

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