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Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Web Site


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a four star hotel with 4 star prices, located in the heart of historic Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard, just steps away from the TCL Chinese Theater and Dolby Theater. It is also close to The Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, this twelve story luxury hotel was built for the rich and famous; the biggest and brightest Hollywood stars. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Spanish Colonial Revival style, found in its structure and its decor, was designed by architects Fisher, Lake & Traver.

It was financed by successful movie stars; Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and movie mogul Louie B Mayer, among others. This twelve story luxury hotel with 300 rooms and suites cost 2.5 million dollars, which was quite a chunk of change in 1927.

It had its grand opening on May 15th, 1927, offering everything that would please people who were expecting perks and amenities due to their fame and social class. These amenities included a large pool, large banquet rooms, a penthouse library, luxury suites, room service, probably massages, laundry service and an elegant, first class decorum.

Many successful movie stars enjoyed staying here, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard. The stable of actors and actresses that worked for Louie B Mayer's film Studio all got to stay here, as he helped to build it.

Some actors and actresses stayed here for a period of time, when they were on their way up the success ladder, that brought them fame and fortune.

Marilyn Monroe was a resident guest for two years when her modeling career soared. Her first magazine photos were taken at The Roosevelt Hotel, pool-side.

Montgomery Clift stayed in room 928 for three months in 1952, while filming the movie, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. During his three month stay at the Roosevelt Hotel, Montgomery Clift was learning his lines successfully and practicing his trumpet skills for this hit film, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY; a role that he received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor. Surely, this was one of the highlights of his life.

By 1984, The Roosevelt Hotel had become a fixer-upper opportunity. Its owners stepped up to the plate, and spent a boatload of money, providing a 12 million dollar restoration/renovation face lift to this grand old Hollywood Dame of a hotel. She once more was a glorious, elegant, historical hotel, with modern amenities and perks that the well-to-do enjoy.

New artistic beauty has been added to the Roosevelt Hotel. According to the hotel's website, they state "In 1988, British painter David Hockney completed a multi-million dollar mural painted on the bottom of the Tropicana Pool, which has since been hailed as one of Los Angeles’s greatest artistic and architectural marvels. Both the hotel and the pool have been designated Historic-Cultural Monuments by the Citys Cultural heritage Commission."

In 2005, another major renovation was completed, and was overseen by Dodd Mitchell. The spirit people who stay here seem to approve of the changes, and continue to enjoy their after-life at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Entity of a Five year old Little Girl – Caroline

In the early morning hours, she has appeared in the main lobby area, looking like a real child. She wears jeans with a pink jacket and had her hair tied up in a pony tail. She likes to skip around the lobby, singing. Imagine the surprise when she disappeared right before the receptionist, who thought she was alive!

In 1992, psychic Peter James first encountered her in the Academy Room, where she told him her name and that she was looking for her mother. During a second investigation, Peter found her again in the Penthouse Library; crying, worried that her mother may be hurt. He comforted her, and she disappeared.

Two Male spirits in The Blossom Ballroom

A male entity, dressed in a tux, radiates anxiety in The Blossom Ballroom. He isn't always seen, but there is a cold spot about 30 inches in diameter, which was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the room. Psychics report that he was in attendance at one of the Academy Awards banquets and was nominated for an award. Perhaps he is trying to work through his disappointment in not winning, as he can't let go of this world just yet.

A male entity who entertains the living in The Blossom Ballroom

Guests have heard the piano in the Blossom Room being played while strolling on the mezzanine, near the Blossom Ballroom. When they look over the balcony, they see a man wearing a white suit at the piano who disappears when noticed by the living.

Entities Enjoying Themselves

Security guards have seen what they thought was a person swimming in the pool on security cameras both very late at night, and in the wee hours of the morning, when the pool is closed for the living guests. When a guard went to get this person out of the pool, there is no one visible there.

This pool-side guard communicated on his walkie-talkie to report this, and waved his hands at the camera. However, on the security camera, the other guard saw that the other poolside guard was waving his hands through the apparition's head. The apparition had obediently gotten out of the pool and was standing right next to the poolside guard.

Besides the Entity of Marilyn Monroe, other entities enjoy looking at themselves in the mirrors at The Roosevelt Hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel spirit-people get their chuckles at the expense of the other guests, from time to time.

Guests have been locked out of their own rooms, when their doors were mysteriously locked from the inside.

A maid was pushed into a closet by an unseen presence.

Attempts to film the known haunted places in the hotel have been foiled by unexplainable electrical failure, etc.

Entities often stay in empty rooms.

The switchboard will get calls from empty rooms, perhaps wanting service.

Phones are lifted off their receivers in empty rooms.

Disembodied voices are heard coming from empty rooms, and the sounds of nonexistent children playing in the hallways have been reported by other guests.

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Hotel Del Coronado

 On 33 oceanfront acres sits a Victorian castle called the Hotel Del Coronado, "The Del" was completed in 1888. When it was built, the hotel was the largest structure outside of New York City to be electrically lighted and Thomas Edison himself supervised the installation of the incandescent lamp invention. L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz, did much of his writing here, and is said to have based his designs for the Emerald City on the hotel.

Other famous people to have stayed at the Del include Presidents, Charles Lindbergh, Marilyn Monroe, and it is rumored that King Edward VIII first met Wallis Simpson, the woman he would abdicate the throne to marry, at the Del.
The Ghosts

There are two rooms at the Del that are reportedly haunted. The rooms are 3502 and 3312, originally 302. The resident ghost is Kate Morgan. She checked into room 302 in November of 1892 and never checked out. Her spirit is said to haunt this room to this day. Room 3502 is also reported to have similar occurrences of phantom noises, flickering lights, off scents, and curtains billowing when no one is there to disturb them and the windows are closed.

Inspections can't explain why there is differences of temperature or the constantly malfunctioning wiring.

No one knows for sure who is residing in room 3502, but some say the maid who tended to Kate stayed here…and hasn't left. Even thought Kate stayed in room 3312, the room 3502 seems to be the location for most of the ghostly happenings.

Guests of room 3312 have reported toilets flushing by themselves, lights turning on and the TV blasting on and not being able to be turned off. Several guests have seen a shadowy figure of a woman standing by the window. Ashtrays have flown across the room and shattered. A local radio station tried to broadcast live from the room and nothing worked. Equipment that was checked and rechecked suddenly failed.
Kate Morgan

Kate (Farmer) Morgan, registered under the alias Lottie Bernard, checked into room 302, on November 23rd. On November 29, 1892, she was found dead.

Kate checked in and was going to meet with her brother there that weekend, official transcripts report. Kate was married to Tom Morgan. He was off trying to win money a poker, that was his job. Kate became pregnant and wanted to settle down. Supposedly Tom did not want to settle down.

According to reports, Kate told staff that she had stomach cancer and her brother, a doctor, would be arriving soon to help. She refused to see a house doctor. Several witnesses said that Kate looked to be in a lot of pain the day she died. She seemed to be despondent and lonely during her time at the hotel.

Kate had a pharmacist bring camphor, a painkiller, and a sponge to her room. Malaria pills were found in her room. those drugs along w/ alcohol that was ordered from the bar, would surely induce an abortion.

While waiting for Tom, Kate bought a gun and waited by her window. The testimony of the local gunshopowner given at the coroner's inquest stated that he sold Lottie Bernard a .44 American bull-dog and two cartridges and showed her how to load the gun. the bullet found in the head of the deceased was thought to be a .38.

Who was Kate Morgan? Newspapers across the country carried stories and sketches of the dead woman. No one ever came to claim the body. Kate Morgan was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in San Diego.

There are theories that Tom, brother or husband, depending on the story you read, arrived at the hotel and suggested that Kate take a walk outside around midnight. Kate was angry at Tom for not settling down and forcing her to miscarry her child. Their argument became heated and Kate pulled her gun, shot at Tom and missed. But Tom didn't miss.

The bullet found in Kate's head did not match her gun. There would have been more damage done to her face if she had been shot with a .44. There was minimal damage and the bullet was still lodged in her head. the coroner said Kate was shot at an upward angle. Tom could have been standing a few steps below her on the sand. Tom would have been the only one to identify her, but he did not come to claim the body.
Murder or suicide?

Kate Morgan is still at the Del, waiting for her husband or the truth.

Hotel Del Coronado         
1500 Orange Avenue 
Coronado, CA, 92118   

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