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Paranormal Investigators

2 C Paranormal
We are based out of Phoenix Area, Arizona We are a group of friends who got together and decided to do some Paranormal Investigating of our own. We have investigated people's houses and well known public places. This kind of research is difficult to prove in most cases. However in some cases the paranormal lingers everywhere. We 1st try to debunk everything then we will look at it as possible evidence. We have a wide array of equipment.

3P Paranormal Investigations
3P Paranormal Investigations is a group of paranormal researchers "a.k.a ghost hunters" located in Ashe County, North Carolina. We ghost hunt in the Appalachian Mountains of NC and other surrounding states. 3P Paranormal is a professional team that strives to help bring awareness and knowledge about paranormal activity, and help individuals that may be experiencing ghostly activity.

5th Dimension Paranormal Investigators
The 5th Dimension Paranormal Investigators was formed to seek out and investigate the spiritual world for proof of existence. We don't claim to be professional investigators or possess scientific knowledge of the realm. What we do claim is to provide evidence in the form of pictures, video and/or digital recordings, along with personal experiences, to educate the world and skeptics. Normal, everyday people like us, will investigate historical landmarks and well-known institutions all over the country and display our findings here on this site. Our means of evidence will be provided in forms of digital recordings, thermal temperature readings, night vision videography, digital cameras, full spectrum digital camera, spirit box, KII Meter, Ovilus, and the PX device. The six members of the team come from many states across the country including Illinois, New York, Texas, and Michigan, but our investigating locations don't end there.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, this is a personal site for me to share my experiences, arrange investigations, and post up anything interesting we come across along the way. Even though I have experienced happenings since I was very young, I have only in the last few years really started to focus on what I may or may not have been experiencing. The Paranormal Community is really beginning to take off in Ireland, with a gradual acceptance that there is more out there than many people would like to admit. 

6 CENTS Investigations ~ California
6 CENTS Investigations is located in Santa Cruz, California. We are a research team dedicated to all things paranormal. We provide free resources, information, and support for the haunted. Check out our photos of orbs, ectoplasm, and shadow people. Learn about the Santa Cruz/Alfred Hitchcock connection and the Brookdale Lodge.

#13 Paranormal Group of Oregon
We are Paranormal investigators in the Portland Metro Area in Oregon. Our names are Lisa Branum Jimmy Branum Mark Milton Shaun Thellmann Claris Harrell Contact us for your Paranormal Needs

ABE Paranormal
We are a paranormal research team in Pennsylvania based out of the Lehigh Valley. We are professional and considerate of your claims and take them very seriously. Our approach is more on the sceptical side and strictly scientific. We strive to get you the proof and/or answers necessary to make you comfortable in your home or business.

AARH Paranormal Research
AARH has been specially developed to research into accounts of alleged paranormal occurrences from members of the public in the Yorkshire region. Our team of experienced investigators will help, advise and if necessary investigate your property. All investigations are free of charge, with a view to uncovering exactly what, if anything, is happening. Our investigators use many scientific methods whilst conducting our investigation of your property, with all efforts being made to debunk the activity as a 'natural occurrence'. It is not until we have exhausted all other possibilities, will we consider you may have a 'haunted' property.

Abandoned Dark Creepy Investigations
Abandoned Dark Creepy Investigations (ADCI) is a group of paranormal investigators based in East-Central Illinois.

Abbey Ghost Hunters
We are a Scarborough, North Yorkshire, non profit paranormal investigator group. We research and investigate purported ghost sightings, hauntings, and we have a very informative Web site and offer reports from investigations to read. We have great photos with explanations, we also arrange ghost tours and ghost hunts for charity.

Above The Realm Paranormal Investigations
We are a two-person paranormal team located in Connecticut. Combined with our personal knowledge, experiences, digital audio and video equipment, and measuring devices, we perform complete and thorough investigations of locations of suspected paranormal activity. We take your plight very seriously and will do whatever we can to help you diagnose and understand what your experiences mean. Every client comes first and you will be kept informed of any and all of our findings. We believe education is the best tool and we will involve you in the process in order to help you be better educated for now and the future. And we will always be available to help when needed.

Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma
Washington State's most advanced technical research group in the Pacific Northwest. We combine Hi-Tech equipment with psychic development research & training. Our group has earned the respect from some of the biggest names in the paranormal field and has provided some of the most interesting findings. AGHOST is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization.

AfterDarkParanormal Investigations
We are a paranormal investigative team located in Louisville, Kentucky. Dedicated to investigating and documenting paranormal activity in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. All investigations are done free of charge and are completely confidential.

Afterlife Independent Paranormal
Afterlife Independent Paranormal is based out of Philadelphia, PA. We are discreet, respectful, and always free of charge. Although mainly a scientific and research based investigation is conducted, we never rule out our senses, which we believe is an investigators most valuable asset. We work closely with the client to better serve them and also offer referrals if necessary. Please feel free to view our site. Thank you!

Afterlife of the Carolinas
The Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. APIC has a mission to provide information, support, comfort, and evidence to those involved, experiencing, or troubled by paranormal activity. Using the most technologically advanced methodologies available, our team of trained and specialized investigators carefully review and analyze scientific data and personal experiences to determine if suspected activity is paranormal or para-natural associated with life after death and the continuation of human consciousness after physical disembodiment. The APIC team attempts to exhaust all claims of activity logically by examining natural causes before jumping to any conclusions of paranormal activity. Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is based out of South-East part of South Carolina and covers areas in and surrounding South and North Carolina, TN, VA and GA area. Each APIC professional team member has been carefully selected based on experience, technical knowledge, specialized training, education and a clean criminal background and respects each client's right to privacy.

Afterlife Paranormal
This is the official paranormal site of ghost hunter Willy Adkins. This site hosts a web forum dedicated to discussion about all things paranormal, book reviews / recommendations, equipment suggestions/discussions, interviews, paranormal news updates and much much more!

Alabama Paranormal Association
The Alabama Paranormal Association is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. APA has a mission to provide information, support, comfort, and evidence to those involved, experiencing, or troubled by paranormal activity. Using the most technologically advanced methodologies available, our team of trained and specialized investigators carefully review and analyze scientific data and personal experiences to determine if suspected activity is paranormal or paranatural associated with life after death and the continuation of human consciousness after physical disembodiment. The APA team attempts to exhaust all claims of activity logically by examining natural causes before jumping to any conclusions of paranormal activity. The Alabama Paranormal Association is based out of North-East Alabama and covers areas in and surrounding Alabama, TN, and GA. APA also has a national paranormal network with not only clergy, but also many other paranormal groups and individuals located around the United States. APA routinely conducts paranormal field investigations and maintains a goal to spread community awareness by offering community lectures. Each APA professional team member has been carefully selected based on experience, technical knowledge, specialized training, education and a clean criminal background and respects each client's right to privacy. The Alabama Paranormal Association strives to be voted the best paranormal team in our state, so if you're looking for a specialized, experienced, and dependable paranormal team, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

The Alabama Paranormal Research Team
The Alabama Paranormal Research Team is a non-profit, investigative/research group seeking paranormal activity all over southeast Alabama. We are centralized out of Salem, AL but have a sister group in Cullman, AL. Some of our most recent investigations consist of Springvilla Mansion in Opelika, AL and Harper Hill Church and cemetery in Dadeville, AL. We have photos, articles, you can listen to EVP'S, a free chat room, and much, much more.

Alabama Paranormal Exploration Society
Alabama Paranormal Exploration Society are a group of people who are experienced in Ghost Hunting, Cryptids, and other aspects of the paranormal who have come together to explore the world of the unknown and to help others understand the phenomenas that may affect their lives. We provide assistance for those individuals, families, and businesses experiencing what they feel is paranormal activity by attempting to investigate and document the activity. Our investigators take a professional approach, seeking first to exclude all natural causes for reported activity before determining that something is indeed, paranormal. Our clients can feel comfort in knowing that we keep their information completely confidential and that we are here to help, free of charge.

Alabama Paranormal Society
Alabama Paranormal Society is a team of Paranormal Investigators located in Madison, AL that is dedicated to the research of ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal activity.

Alameda Paranormal Researchers
Located in Alameda, California, as the first and only paranormal research team. Got Ghosts? Contact us for an interview today! Our staff uses science only based methods to capture evidence of the paranormal. We are a group of engineers, researchers, and explorers. Discretion is always a priority and helping others is why we are here.

Alaska Ghost Hunting
The Alaska Ghost Hunting will investifgate any structure that is reported to be haunted with permission of the owner. Alaska Ghost Hunting uses high quality equipment to gather audio and video evidence. We refuse to use any software to "enhance" any evidence other than to increase the amount of gain in evp's or to crop and brighten images. We've found that it is very easy to alter barely audible or viewable evidence into something that may sound or appear as evidence to others but should really just be discarded for professional reasons. Our Investigators have professional training in Psychology, Teaching, Electonics, and Law Enforcement. 

Alaska Paranormal Research
Alaska Paranormal Research is a resource for people seeking help or understanding their paranormal experiences. Investigators are available free of charge. APR attempts to document the existence of ghosts and other anomalous phenomena using the scientific method. The Web site also lists paranormal locations throughout the state of Alaska. Local legends, stories, accounts, and witness testimony can also be found here. 

Alberta Paranormal Investigations HAPIA
HAPIA (Haunting and Paranormal Investigations Alberta) is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigations and pursuit of knowledge when it comes to the unexplained in and around Alberta, Canada. From our investigations we present photos, EVP, and Videos. We go into each investigation with a scientific attitude and try to search for the truth or the fake. Our team consists of an actual ordained Witch, a psychic, and two technical people. Our two lead investigators have over 20 years experience.

All About Ghosts
Ghosts, hauntings, and more! The limelight is on you! Share your pictures and stories here! 

All Over Paranormal
All Over Paranormal is a NON-PROFIT paranormal research society based out of Va Beach, VA. We will travel to locations and residences out of state though, after all, we are ALL OVER PARANORMAL. Our mission is to help those plagued by the unexplainable by conducting professional, science based investigations to either prove or disprove paranormal activity. We do this by utilizing scientific equipment and other methods to capture evidence to either debunk or confirm said activity and try to get rid of the entity/anomaly causing the events or explain the reasoning behind why an individual is having these problems if activity cannot be confirmed, i.e., EMF hypersensitivity, hysteria, etc.

Alliance Ghost Hunters
Alliance Ghost Hunters is one of the fastest growing paranormal investigation teams in New Jersey. It was created by Matthew Heise after having his own paranormal experiences. All our services are done free of cost and we serve all of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. However, if you are from outside one of these states, we will be more then happy to arrange to investigate where you would need us. Please visit our Web site for more information. 

AlMost Haunted Paranormal Investigations
If you have ever been haunted or are currently being haunted, or having experiences in dealing with various entities please, visit our Web site and email us. I have taken the best photos of real unexplained energy anomalies on the Net. ParaScience: investigations of ghosts, hauntings, spirits, poltergeists, and supernatural activity with lots of self help paranormal information.

Amateur Ghost Hunters Group
Amateur Ghost Hunters Group, or AGHG, is based out of San Jose, California. We call ourselves amateurs because that's exactly what we are and who we appeal to! AGHG would like to extend its reach to all believers, non-believers, skeptics, and even thrill seekers. We are not here to prove or disprove anything. If you are adventurous, believe in the paranormal, or are even skeptic that ghosts exist at all, please feel free to join our group on Facebook. AGHG makes an effort to meet at least once a month to investigate "haunted" sites around the San Francisco Bay Area. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and your place of residence or employment is haunted, please contact us.

Amelia Island Paranormal
We are investigators based in Fernandina Beach, Florida serving south Georgia and north Florida researching and investigating cases of hauntings and paranormal activity. Ghost hunting is only part of what we do. Historical research, psychological analysis, and scientific evidence gathering all work together to answer questions and complete casework study.

American Association of Paranormal Investigators (AAPI) 
American Association of Paranormal Investigators is a non-profit paranormal assembly devoted to practicing of the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena. Our assemblage combines the fundamentals of modern technological equipment, scientific methods as well as psychic ability. AAPI's purpose is to study the paranormal & research the field.

American Association of Paranormal Research 
The group of researchers spans across America all sharing the same goal of proving the reality of the paranormal.

American Paranormal Investigations 
American Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit organization located in Sacramento, California. We search for answers were normal explanations cannot be found. But before assuming what's going on is ghost, spirit, or haunting; we try to "debunk" the event. When we are not helping those in need, we are filming for a new television show, "California Haunts."

American Paranormal Research
We want to educate the individuals about what is happening at their location and whether it is paranormal or something less dramatic. On this site we hope to educate the viewer about different meanings of types of hauntings, orbs, spirits, etc. None of the evp's, photos, videos, or other evidence was or has been altered in any way. There are times we need to take out the background noise so you can hear an evp clearer. Our goal on this site is to give answers and hopefully a better understanding of what goes on in the world of paranormal.

American Society of Paranormal Education, Training and Research 
American Society of Paranormal Education, Training and Research is a non-profit organization based in the Charlotte, North Carolina Metro area. Our organization studies and investigates paranormal activity of all kinds. We use scientific research methods, logic and skepticism but remain open-minded to all explainable or relevant theories. We investigate both residential and business locations including outdoor or natural sites.

American Ghost Society (AGS)
Paranormal research network based in Illinois with members across the country. The AGS checks into ghost sightings and paranormal evidence in a non-metaphysical manner, preferring scientific evidence over psychic impressions. The group's membership tops several hundred with local chapters meeting every other month. 

American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR)
Founded in 1885, the ASPR is the oldest parapsychological membership organization in the United States. The New York City-based group offers online research and a newsletter to its members. 

America's Ghosts
A site for the exploration of the paranormal. members can view others,or upload their own Ghost pictures, Ghost videos, Encounters Read about others experiences, and share their own! Paranormal related news, investigative methods, 24 hour help if needed. Motto: 'Paranormal groups are a family. We do not compete. Instead, we share our knowledge.

Angels & Ghosts
Explore the world of ghosts and angels by examining the evidence presented through pictures and photos; stories and accounts; as well as historical, spiritual, and religious evidences.

Angels of Light Paranormal Investigations
Angels of Light Paranormal Investigations has been specially developed to research into accounts of alleged paranormal occurrences from members of the public in Southern California/Los Angeles. We are professionals and considerate of your claims and take them very seriously. All investigations are free of charge!

Anomalous Research Cincinnati – ARC Paranormal
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here you will find hard evidence of the Supernatural. Our goal is to gain hard evidence, which to us is photographic evidence. We shoot images in Visible, Infrared and UltraViolet Spectrums.

The Answers People Seek
Ghosts, and poltergeists. Have you experienced ghostly phenomena? ESP, also known as the sixth sense, has anyone experienced this? Mediumship and Psychic protection, do you hear messages from the dead? And do you know how to protect yourself from evil spirits? Tell us your experiences or views on ouija boards, séances or any other tools used to contact spirits, are they good or bad? Fate and Reincarnation. Do you think you may have lived before? Do you believe your life has already bean decided for you? You can even share with us your dreams and nightmares. and much more. Your experiences might well be one of the answers for someone else. If none of that interests you or you feel you have nothing you can contribute just yet, then why not join in on the Games, Quizzes, Tests and Jokes forum. For the fun and frustrating things in life.

Antelope Valley Ghost Hunters
Antelope Valley Ghost Hunters, located in the high desert of Southern California, will perform paranormal investigations upon request. We will use tried and true scientific methods to determine the truth without costing our clients a cent. We will do so with discretion and confidentiality. We will be professional before, during, and after our investigations. Our area is not limited to Southern California. We will go where we are needed outside our area however it is time and funds permitting. We can offer our clients an 8 DVR IR camera system with all the bells and whistles and every other professional tools of the trade. This includes cutting edge equipment and techniques. Contact us if you need help. We are AVGH, 'Seeking the truth, one ghost at a time'

Antelope Valley Haunts Paranormal Research
We are a paranormal group who conducts investigations in the Antelope Valley California Desert and vicinity. We investigate all aspects of the paranormal. We also document, search, and protect the history the desert has left behind. I have over 21 years chasing ghosts. If you need help, we can! We're located in Lancaster, California.

Anthony Duda, Paranormal Investigator
Paranormal investigator serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire and all of New England. Expertise in ghosts and hauntings, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), UFO sighting investigation and cryptozoology.

Appalachee Paranormal
We provide free investigations concerning claims of paranormal events. We seek truth concerning all activity reported. It's our desire to help those who feel they have had an encounter of a paranormal nature.

Apparition Research Organization
Based in California. I have taken and passed a parapsychology course, and have been an investigator since June of 2002. You can see some of our investigations on our Web site. We don't charge for our services.

Archbishop Daniel Garguillio 
The Most Rev. Daniel Garguillio is Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ancient Orthodox Eparchy of the North American Old Catholic Church, the founder of Sanctuary Occult Investigations, and has lectured on metaphysics at the university level. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where his esoteric research continues into the realms of exorcism, demonology, and psychic phenomena.

Arizona's Haunted Ghosts and Hauntings 
Arizona's Haunted is a team dedicated to searching for the truth of the paranormal. We will actively investigate and fully research paranormal activity in your home or place of business. We also provide a clear methodology and encourage full participation of our clients. If of course, they are willing to do so. We are professional, caring and wish to help. Whatever information is garnered from our investigations, is considered 100% confidential unless permission is granted to post our findings on this web site. We are located in Tucson, AZ.

Arizona Paranormal Investigations 
We are a highly trained, non-profit paranormal investigation group serving Arizona and the southwest. There is never a charge for an investigation.

The Arizona Paranormal Society 
The Arizona Paranormal Society, founded by Frank Madrid and co-founded by Lori Marshall, is an Arizona-based paranormal investigation organization. As paranormal investigators, we are committed to authenticating evidence and documenting the existence of any paranormal activity via audio, video, and other electronic means of equipment. By using current high-tech technology we are able to conduct extensive scientific investigations and interpret the evidence collected and present evidence to the client in the hopes of creating a better understanding of the current activity and possible options to be taken. The Arizona Paranormal Society does not attempt to "prove" a haunting. We are here to conduct an investigation where we look at all aspects of reported activity, client observations, and gathered evidence to come up with the most reasonable explanation. The Arizona Paranormal Society is available outside of Arizona as well.

Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Study Team
The Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team is a science-based research group founded by best-selling author and researcher Larry Flaxman. ARPAST is dedicated to furthering our measured understanding of anomalous and unexplained phenomena via the utilization of state-of-the-art equipment, methodologies, and techniques.

Arkansas Paranormal Investigations
API Provides professional and confidential on-site investigations of paranormal activity using various types of electronic equipment. Our goal is to assist you in understanding what is happening and to ease your fear of the unknown. We do this free of charge.

Arkansas Paranormal Research Association
APRA – Arkansas Paranormal Research Association is a 503(c)3 organization dedicated to helping clients and educating people on all aspects of the paranormal. We travel anywhere in the Mid-South and charge nothing for our services. We also will assist in UFO or cryptozoology cases as needed.

Arkansas Paranormal Society
We are a group that is based out of Jonesboro, Arkansas. We do all of our own investigations throughout Arkansas. We have our own equipment that we use. We have been ghost hunting together for 3 years now. I have been investigating personally for 6 years. We investigate anything from mansions to cemeteries. Wherever we have an opportunity to go we go. We are a non profit group, but we will take donations. If you think that you may be having paranormal activity or you are interested in possibly becoming a member please don't hesitate to contact us.

Asylum Paranormal Society
A Paranormal Research team dedicated to finding the truth about the paranormal. Read about cases, phenomena, and the investigators. See photos and read about the locations they visit in their blog, and read articles written about the paranormal by Danni Macgyver.

Atlantic Coast Paranormal Research Society
ACPRS was founded March. 2010. We were members of many different groups who decided to go on our own with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our first and foremost objective is to help anyone who is experiencing paranormal phenomena and it is our belief that presenting detailed, honest, well-documented evidence best serves our client's. We are based out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. All of our investigators are trained and tested in our training program with our equipment to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Compassion and privacy are our primary goals in order to help anyone who may be experiencing any paranormal activity in their home or business. We take pride that we are one of the few groups who aid in spirit removal by our psychic investigators.

Atlantic-Gulf Paranormal Society 
The Atlantic-Gulf Paranormal Society is newer paranormal research organization based in north central Florida.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) 
Ghost haunting New England paranormal spirit poltergeist demon Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts investigator investigation pictures orb vortex stories. 

Attleboro Paranormal Investigation
Attleboro Paranormal Investigation is located in Massachusetts and is nationally known for evedence captured and for there paranormal investigations. API has worked with some of Americas most famed ghost hunters and demonologests and is also featured team on the television show "Chasing The Unknown."

Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team (A.P.A.R.T.) Washington
We are a paranormal research team committed to scientifically investigating and documenting paranormal evidence. Our team strives to continue the support our clients need, from beginning until the end, regardless of length needed. Follow through and client support is important to us. 

Augusta Paranormal Investigations & Research
We are a group of paranormal investigators that seek out and authenticate evidence of ghosts, research ghost stories, sightings, and conduct investigations into paranormal activity. We are based in August, Georgia. 

Augusta Paranormal Investigation Society (APIS)
A professional investigation group located in Augusta, Georgia covering all things paranormal. Our goal is to help those who are in need of answers to the unexplained. Our angle is to disprove, find real world reasons until all attempts are exhausted. we deal with EVP, EMF, IR Cameras, Thermal Video, and Thermal Digital Camera, and natural senses.

Austin Paranormal Group
Austin Paranormal Group is a dedicated paranormal investigations and research team based out of Austin, TX, serving the greater central Texas area. We investigate ghost sightings of public places in addition to performing private investigations of reported hauntings at a client's place of business, private home or other property.

Austin Paranormal Research Society
A small, yet dedicated group of people who investigate haunted locations in central Texas, with particular attention paid to The Alamo and The Menger Hotel. EXCELLENT results and some truly amazing and unique photos of paranormal activity! Be sure to check out "Best Pictures"!

Australian Paranormal Society
The Australian Paranormal Society ( A.P.S ) – founded and coordinated by Allison Andrews ( Investigator and Researcher for the Australian TV series 'Haunted Australia') – is a professional team of paranormal investigators who are located in Melbourne, Australia. The A.P.S – is a 'not-for-profit' organization – that consists of a professional team of individuals 'with varying skills and a broad range of expertise' who are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena worldwide – and we provide a 'free on site assessment' for residential and commercial customers, The A.P.S will initially consider and look for various rational explanations for alleged 'paranormal phenomena' and will continue to assist our clients until a satisfactory conclusion about any phenomena is reached. The A.P.S also offers an extensive online resource center that will cater for varying levels of interest and understanding. Join the NEW forum free of charge and show your support by becoming part of the Australian Paranormal Society community.

Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research 
The site includes pictures, links, and stories revolving around the paranormal world. With many years experience, we perform investigations of supernatural phenomenon. 

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