Paranormal Investigators B to D

Badger State Paranormal
Badger State Paranormal is a group of paranormal investigators that believe that there is something out there that is unexplainable. We are located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but are willing to travel where help is needed. We believe that most of the claims of activity can be explained. We are not looking for ghosts, but rather looking for answers. There are too many other groups out there that are solely looking for more "evidence" to put on their websites. If you want answers, we are here to help you. If you are experiencing anything that you cannot explain, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the best of our ability and if we cannot help you, we will find the answers you need. As always, every investigation is free of charge and always will be. Thank you for choosing Badger State Paranormal.

Banded Spirits
Ohio Paranormal Researchers, Consultants and Investigators. Searching for answers. We help anyone in need of paranormal relief. Investigating all of Ohio, and Tri-State area. Residential, Historical, and Business. Services are always free. Complete line of professional equipment. Cleansings and Blessings available upon request. We Hear What You Fear, come take our hand and walk into the shadows, fear nothing.

Bad Voodoo Paranormal
Bad VooDoo L.L.C provides consultation and investigations of paranormal activity. Services are free of charge. Located in Southern Arizona, our team consists of undergraduate and graduate degree holders in: Technology, Biology, Archeology and Information Systems.

Bastrop Paranormal Research Association
We are located out of Bastrop, Texas. We are a non profit group dedicated to the scientific research of paranormal activity such as UFO's and Hauntings. We are a group of open-minded individuals with a common purpose to understand and document phenomenon outside of our physical world.

Baxter King's 'Creepy'
Baxter King is a Chicago/Indianapolis based Paranormal Problem Solver and an all around swell guy. He works with a small cadre of paranormal investigators to find the things that go bump in the night. He also provides your eyeballs with the best bizarre and paranormal stories you'll read all day.

Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI) 
Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI) was created to research, investigate, analyze, and document anomalous events that fall outside the realm of conventional scientific research. Since 1999 we have had investigators located throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and conducted investigations in Northern California. Our primary areas of interest include hauntings, apparitions, poltergeist activity, and psychic phenomena.

Bay Area Society for Paranormal Research 
Bay Area Society for Paranormal Research (BASPR). Founded in Alameda, California, BASPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, investigation, analysis, and documentation of paranormal phenomena. We specialize in hauntings, poltergeist phenomena, and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

Bayside Paranormal Society 
Bayside Paranormal Society is small team of experienced individuals specializing in the research and investigation of paranormal activity located in the San Francisco bay area. Our main goal is to provide resources and support to those who have experienced unexplainable events in their residence or business. We provide a scientific approach to our investigations, utilizing tools and research in our process to provide clear and balanced evidence to our clients. We strive to arm them with the information to help them understand the phenomena they are experiencing.

Bay Valley Paranormal Investigations 
BVPI is a team of professional paranormal investigators and researchers based out of Bay City, Michigan, with over 20 years of combined experience in investigating paranormal activity.

Beaver County Ghost Hunters 
We are a small group of serious-minded paranormal investigators in Western Pennsylvania. We provide discreet and confidential investigations at no charge. 

Bel Air Paranormal Research Society 
A new paranormal organization dedicated to helping those who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity. We are a "Free Service" organization based in Bel Air, Maryland and serving the Continental United States. 

Berkshire Ghost Hunters 
We are from North Adams ,Massachusetts. Our Founder is Mike Stone and our Co-founder is Jeff Johnson who both live in the area. The site is made for people who are looking for paranormal investigators to come and check out a possible site of paranormal activity and there is also evidence from former cases on the site so that people may check out the evidence and see what we catch before they call us in. What we do is we go into a case skeptical and scientific in order to find out what the so called paranormal activity is real or if its something we cant explain away.

Berkshire Paranormal 
Berkshire Paranormal Group – Paranormal Investigations and Research. Offering paranormal investigation services, events, and tours in Western Massachusetts. 

The British Columbia Society of Paranormal Investigation and Research Into The Supernatural 
BCSPIRITS is a paranormal research society that conducts investigations of hauntings and other supernatural phenomena throughout the Canadian province of British Columbia. 

Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group UK 
We are a team of dedicated paranormal investigators based in Nottinghamshire UK. We come from all walks of life, but have captured outstanding things on picture and video. We have been recognized for our scenically-based study by television here in the UK [Living TV] and the BBC. With our international clairvoyant and trance medium, Sandra Sinclair we have been called to investigate many venues, from historical places to public bars, houses, and other places of interest. However, we are keen to further develop our study and hope that some interested parties who read this would be prepared to furnish us with information on current paranormal activity or poltergeist activity. 

Paranormal Investigators in Southern New Jersey. We investigate all types of paranormal activity professionally and responsibly. We are a small group of researchers with most of us having a law enforcement background and years of experience in investigations. 

Bearfort Paranormal
We are Bearfort Paranormal of Northern New Jersey. The main goal for our group is to assist those who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity. This will primarily be achieved through extensive research and scientific investigation. Our team is also interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of a haunting. We will base our findings on the facts at hand, often taking on the role of both believer and skeptic. Our group currently use some the the latest tools to investigate the paranormal. Our contact number 973-506-4725. We cover the greater New York tri-state area.

Bedford Paranormal 
We are paranormal investigation group located in Virginia. While we do seek to capture evidence of paranormal activity our main focus is to help those experiencing paranormal activity and those who remain on this side.

Bellewood Paranormal of New Jersey 
Free Paranormal investigations in your home, bueinsss and historical site. No need to be afraid of things you may notunderstand. We are here to help you understand what may be going on or give you an alternative explanation to what may be happening.

Beltsville Ghosts 
Site based in Maryland and headed by Scott Fowler, a paranormal investigator with over ten years of experience and training.

Bergman Investigations
Jolie Bergman is a paranormal investigator with a private investigator business specializing in Seattle area residential history. Over 20 years of passionate and dedicated research experience into paranormal events.

The Beyond Investigators
We are a new paranormal group from Orlando, Florida. We are interested in doing our part to forward the paranormal science by research, networking with other teams, helping folks seeking answers to their experiences, and learning in the process. Our services are free of charge. Guillermo Fournier and Al Hunter, Founders.

Beyond Our Realm 
We are a group of paranormal investigators based in southern Illinois. All our services are done free of charge. 

Beyond The Veil Paranormal
Beyond the Veil Paranormal consists of World Renowned Demonologist Carl L. Johnson, Empath Dina Palazini, Tech Manager James Annitto and Lightworker Richard Stacy.

Blazin Metal Paranormal
Houston, Texas-based, Blazin Metal Paranormal was developed to serve and help our clients with investigations, train and help those who need it in a professional manner. We also welcome all professional or amateur investigators a place where you can submit all of your ghost related material.

Bloomington Normal Paranormal
We are a paranormal research group based out of Bloomington- Normal, Illinois. We use scientific means to investigate and gain evidence of paranormal phenomenon. Our services are free of charge.

Blue Ridge Paranormal
Blue Ridge Paranormal has been investigating the paranormal in western North Carolina for five years, we offer our services free of charge for home or business. We investigate and report back to the client with free copies of all evidence collected. All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Blue Ridge Paranormal Investigations
We are a group of experienced paranormal investigators out of the historic Fincastle, Virginia area. We never charge for any of our services. We investigate the paranormal, cryptozoology. We love researching ghosts, spirits, entities, hauntings.

Blueivvy Paranormal
Ghost investigations in Fort Worth, Mineral Wells and Weatherford, Texas. is affiliated with MysticGhost and has an extensive section on the Baker Hotel. Full reports of haunted locations and photos.

Bon Secour Paranormal Investigations
We are a Bon Secour, Alabama-based paranormal investigations group. Any paranormal linked site, be it small or large, is of interest to us. We cover not only our area of south Alabama, but also the Florida panhandle, southern Mississippi, as well as other states when the opportunity arrives. Please check out our Web site and feel free to contact us.

Border Paranormal Society
BPS is based in beautiful Nogales, Arizona. We are a non-scientific investigation group. Our services are discreet and confidential and always free of charge.

The Brantford Paranormal Society
We are a new society dedecated to investigating the paranormal for all points of view.Were intrested in pictures of ghosts or spirits or orbs,or video of ghosts spirits and orbs.

Bridgetown Ghost Hunters
Bridgetown Ghost Hunters is located in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington. We research, investigate, and document haunted locations in the Pacific Northwest.

Bridgeton Afterlife Paranormal Society
We are a seansoned group of Paranormal Researchers and Investigators…. If you are in need of help please contact us. 

The British Paranormal Alliance
A UK-based Paranormal Research group, with a small core team focusing on quality research as well as promoting the sharing of ideas, information, and knowledge between other groups. Web site contains lots of useful information including that submitted by members of other established teams.

Bucks County Paranormal Society
We are a small group of ghost hunters located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We investigate rumors of hauntings and of the paranormal in general around the Tri-Sate area then post the findings to our Web site. We also provide investigations of local homes and places of business.

Bump in the Night Investigations
Bump in the Night Investigations is a not-for-profit team covering Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. We investigate paranormal activity by taking Photographs, voice recordings, video, and using other measurements that help us detect paranormal phenomenon that cannot be explained otherwise. We offer home and business Investigations free of charge and maintain privacy to all those individuals requesting our help.

C.A.P.E. Paranormal Investigations
We are a large paranormal investigations team covering about 1/3 of the state of Florida. Central, Northeast, and North Central Florida.

C.A.S.P.E.R was established in 2003, however my wife and I have been Paranormal Investigators since 1999. We are a spiritual & Christian based group. Many people in the group have had Paranormal experiences for most of their lives. C.A.S.P.E.R stands for Clarity, Awareness, Spiritual, Paranormal, Exploration, and Research. Our objective is to prove that spirits do exist. We also do soul rescue to try to help those lost soul's and spirit's to find and go to the light. We have done investigations in AZ, MD, NJ, OH, PA AND WV. We are based out of PA. Although we do not charge for investigations, Donations are greatly appreciated. (All donation's are used to purchase equipment, training, fuel, travel, ect…) We will travel or try to find a local group to assist you if needed. **SPECIAL NOTICE** OUR GROUP RESPECTS THE SOULS OF THE DEPARTED, AND WE WILL NOT PROVOKE, AS SOME GROUPS MAY DO TO GET RESULTS!!!!

Serving western Colorado and eastern Utah since 2004. Specializing in ghosts and spirits… sorry, no UFOs. There is no charge for investigations. Check out our Web site for further information or to request an investigation.

Cal~Para Research Organization
Cal.PRO is an organization of investigators and researchers seeking to help those concerned or curious about their experiences with paranormal activity. Our investigations extend beyond the Inland Empire area. Although our main goal is to assist clients with our services, we also endeavor to gather credible evidence by way of reliable scientific methods in order to contribute qualitatively to the field of paranormal research. As a result, the credibility of the group is closely maintained, and members are carefully screened. We have successfully combined technology along with psychics/sensitives to provide a comprehensive study of each location. In observing our standards of integrity, respect, and discretion, Cal.PRO strives for excellence among the field of paranormal investigations. Client confidentiality is our #1 priority. Information or evidence contained within our reports will not be posted to our website without express permission of the client to do so, and under no circumstances will the identity of the client or the location of a private venue be disclosed. Our service is completely FREE of charge, as our only agenda is to make you feel more comfortable in your own home and/or place of business. Although we may confidently claim to be experienced and educated in the field of paranormal research and investigating, we cannot in good conscience proclaim ourselves experts in the paranormal, and we caution our clients and the public to be wary of those who do make such claims, particularly if a fee is involved. There are in fact no experts when it comes to the supernatural and/or paranormal. Nevertheless, there are many credible and competent researchers, like ourselves, who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible. In light of this, we believe the information contained in our reports to be credible and accurate. However, we must also caution the client not to use it as absolute proof, but rather as circumstantial evidence supporting or denying the probability of paranormal activity. We thank you for the opportunity to conduct your investigation.

California Haunted Investigations
Paranormal investigators, covering all of Riverside and surrounding communities. N.P.O. Although our website is only 2 years new, our experience goes way back. Discreet, professional, at your service.

California Paranormal Investigators
We are a small group of paranormal investigators dedicated to solving unexplained paranormal activity in southern California.

California Ghost Chasers
We are a not for profit group of small business owners, technical professionals, and volunteers. We base our research on solid evidence captured by our data-logging equipment. We've developed, and published new theories based on our observations. Our team is well trained, well equipped, and experienced in the field of paranormal research. We follow strict scientific methods of research looking for logical explanations for the activity, and we make every effort to try to remain objective to your needs. Serving Northern California, and now expanding our investigations into North-West Nevada, and Southern Oregon regions. All client information is kept strictly confidential. There is no FEE, or charge for services rendered.

California Ghost Hunters
Our mission is to assist and educate those in need by providing professional paranormal investigations and detailed evidence reviews; while continuing to advance our own understanding of the paranormal field through progressive scientific research. California Ghost Hunters was established in 2005 . Almost five years later, with a focus on excellence and integrity, we have grown into a team of objective, professional, and experienced investigators who are committed to helping you find the answers you need.CGH is based out of Orange County, California, however we travel statewide, and sometimes, even over state lines. We investigate private residences, businesses, historical and other venues, free of charge.

Ghosts and hauntings of California.

California Paranormal Private Investigations
Paranormal Investigators/ghost investigators/ghost hunters located in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, but serving most of California, and some areas of Arizona and Nevada.

California Spectral Intelligence Solutions
We provide supernatural solutions to preternatural problems. We are a resource for paranormal investigators and victims of malevolent entities. Our team is led by a retired law enforcement officer with fifteen years experience as a theologist and demonologist. Our occult specialist has twenty years firsthand knowledge in this field. We are dedicated to aid/educate people in protecting themselves and removing demonic influences. We serve the greater San Francisco Bay area in Northern California. Any area outside of that we offer email and phone counseling. Our services are free, we are a non-profit group. Established in 2009.

Cambridgeshire Ghost Research
Cambridgeshire Ghost Research (CGR) was formally established in July 2006. We are committed to the serious investigation and research of paranormal phenomena. We are part the TAPS family and Ghost Adventures Crew official members for the UK. We mainly focus on ghost sightings and reputed haunted buildings in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties (United Kingdom).

Campbell County Paranormal Research
Our purpose is to provide clientele with accurate, thorough, discreet and professional documentation and research specific to your paranormal circumstances. We only use a client's name on our website if permission is granted and we never charge any fee for our services. We use a vast array of state of the art equipment, as well as " old school " techniques to gather evidence of phenomenon at your location. We review and evaluate all findings for non-paranormal causes to provide only valid evidence of activity for your review and peace of mind. We provide solutions and advice to remedy any unwanted conditions at your location. We operate in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, but will consider travel to your location, so please feel free to contact us.

Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society
Based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts this team of investigators are dedicated to educating and informing mainstream society about various areas of paranormal phenomena using facts that are collected scientifically through our efforts and in collaboration with other investigators, authors, and researchers. We also strive to work to raise the scientific standards and levels of professionalism within this field. We investigate alleged haunted/paranormal activity. We will publish our findings in print, online, and in public meetings to further the study of folklore and the rich history of Massachusetts and other communities who express interest in our activities. Cape And Islands Paranormal Research Society is organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Cape Ann Paranormal Society (CAPS)
Paranormal investigations focused on proof of life beyond the physical realm. Specialized in all forms of hauntings, family members to dark forces. Cases with children always take priority. Services are free of charge. Solving your problems while collecting solid evidence is our #1 goal.

Capital Region Investigators of the Paranormal
This web site used to post investigative information and evidence, allow people to request investigations, update users on news and to make a presence on the web for our team. We are located in the capital region of New York but investigate through the tristate area.

Carolina Paranormal Investigations
Carolina Paranormal Investigations. A comprehensive organization for the investigation of all strange and unusual phenomena in the Carolinas. Founded on December 17th, 2007, out of Anderson, SC, we wanted to establish an organization to help people in their problems of the paranormal and to understand what is out there and to share it with anybody interested. We use a scientific approach with a religious basis to our investigations and are completley un-biased and un-slanted in our approach to the un-explained.

Carolina Paranormal Research
Carolina Paranormal Research is a dedicated paranormal research team located in coastal South Carolina, committed to seriously investigating and documenting suspected paranormal activity in the Southeastern United States.

Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
We are a group dedicated to the research and investigation of all things paranormal. We are based out of Anderson, South Carolina. Though our group was founded on February 29, 2012 we carry over 50 years of paranormal experience with us. Our purpose is to provide professional service to all those that need help with anything that is paranormal in nature. Our promise to you is to give you a better understanding of your paranormal issues and to help you work through it if needed. Our research and investigation is based upon the scientific method. We do use a religious base to help explain the paranormal nature. Our approach to investigations is un-biased and we carry no pre-conceived notions. We are an all encompassing organization. We are equipped to research and investigate all types of unusual phenomenon including but not limited to UFO reports, cryptozoological reports, demonic hauntings, angelic encounters, supernatural miracles, unusual sightings, poltergeist activity, occult like phenomenon, Law Enforcement consultation, and much more.

Carroll Area Paranormal Team (CAPT)
Free paranormal service for Iowa and surrounding states in the Mid-West area. Experienced investigators in all aspects of the paranormal to include hostile-type hauntings. Contact us for assistance.

Carver Paranormal
Hello, we are a family oriented paranormal research group from Huntington, West Virginia. We investigate the Tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. If you, or anyone you know, have suspected paranormal activity occuring at your home or business then please send us a message. We would love to help you in any way possible, absolutely FREE of charge. Thanks, Carver Paranormal Team

CatsEye Paranormal
We are Paranormal Investigators based out of NE Georgia. There is never a charge for any investigation. The goal is to gather evidence not only to gain more knowledge of the unknown, but also to aid the client in determining causation in the residence or work place.

Cecil and Beyond Paranormal
Free paranormal investigations of residential, business, and historical locations. We are located in Cecil county Maryland.

Celestial Spirit Investigators
We are a group of three woman that investigate homes, and businesses. We will cleanse homes at the request of our clients and have delt with many different faiths. We do a comprehensive backround of the property and all of the people that had any connection to the property. We also do larger scale investigations. Prisons, asylums, abandoned funeral homes just to name a few. Come and look at our website and enjoy us on YouTube!

Cenla Paranormal Research
We are based out of Urania, Louisiana, which is in LaSalle Parish. We are a non-profit group that is here to help anyone who thinks that they may have paranormal activity occurring at their home or business. We are not limited to the central Louisiana area and will travel anywhere within 300 miles of our location if we feel that the situation is genuine and our help is necessary.

Center for the Anthropological Studies of the Paranormal for the Eastern Region (C.A.S.P.E.R.)
We are a professional, scientific-humanistic coalition of research/educational center and field investigators with international experience in England and Mexico, as well as throughout the United States. We use archaeological mapping, survey, and excavation techniques combined with ethnographic participation-observation engagements and data acquisition. Ours is a performance-based cultural contextual process. Our goal is to define and frame an audio-visual haunted space through peripatetic video overlays and audio hauntscape surveys. Our integrated ghost research methodological process is called "ethnoarchaeoghostology."

The Center for Paranormal Investigations
The Center for Paranormal Investigations is a group that is dedicated to the scientific investigation of the paranormal. We are a non-profit group that is headed by founder and president, Patrick Cartwright Jr. Our mission is to investigate and document paranormal phenomena in Pennsylvania and New York. We at The Center for Paranormal Investigations are committed to providing the most comprehensive and least intrusive investigations possible. We are based in Historic Bradford County Pennsylvania (northeast PA) but have members in New York and Pennsylvania.

Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
The Central Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research and documentation of unexplained phenomenon that could be considered paranormal. We focus on the Arkansas and the surrounding states, in the South, but are not opposed to venturing anywhere!

Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters
Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters is a small group of family and friends that have been interested in paranormal research for some time. Based out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we are a small group of ghost hunters the serve western Massachusetts.

Central European Paranormal Investigations
We are a team of paranormal investigators based in Bavaria, Germany. On our site you can find basic information on paranormal phenomena, our team, our methods, and equipment. If you need any advice or help, if you think your place is haunted, or you’re being confronted with seemingly unexplainable phenomena, please contact us. We are pleased to help, of course free of charge. You can also register in our paranormal forum and share your experiences with others.

Central Florida Ghost Research
The Central Florida Ghost Research organization is a scientific based, paranormal investigative agency located in Palm Coast, Florida. The CFLGR organization is a structured, not for profit organization which provides its services to the public free of charge. The CFLGR organization fully investigates claims of paranormal activity and makes an attempt to apply current-day technology and scientific theory in the hopes of better understanding paranormal activity and it's residual effects within our environment.

Central Jersey Paranormal Research Association
The official Web site for the Central Jersey Paranormal Research Association. The CJPRA is a paranormal investigation group from central New Jersey serving New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania.

The Central Lakes Paranormal Society
We are a group based out of southwest Missouri. We are willing to travel to surrounding states in order to find paranormal activity. We are dedicated to finding the truth either proving or debunking the paranormal. We are always welcoming people to come with use to investigate as well as new members.

Central Maine Supernatural
Paranormal investigative team page with profiles, equipment, evidence, and investigation request form for Maine area paranormal activity.

Central Minnesota Ghostbusters
We are real-life Ghostbusters! We have experience in the study of supernatural research including ghostly activity and demonology. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to helping out mostly the Central Minnesota community with ghost problems and other paranormal related problems. We have proven methods to successfully get rid of ghosts! Contact the professionals. Who you gonna e-mail? Us! We're here to educate and help.

Central New York Ghost Hunters
Central New York Ghost Hunters was founded in 1998 by Stacey Jones in Syracuse, New York. This Ghosthunter organization investigated claims into the paranormal, mostly reports of ghosts and hauntings. Central New York Ghost Hunters always welcomes new members and would love to hear from believers and skeptics. Central New York Ghost Hunters serves the Utica, Cortland, Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Ithaca, and Rochester areas. For more information please visit our site.

Central Ohio Ghost Squad – (COGS)
Paranormal investigators in Lancaster, Ohio. Think you may have a haunting? Call or email our case managers.

Central Ohio Paranormal Agency
We are a Paranormal Investigative Agency located in Columbus, Ohio. We are a free service to the general public in Ohio and surrounding States. Our motto is "We handle your Ghostly troubles!" Owned by Chris Nance and Amanda Motts. Any and all evidence collected during a investigation will be gone over with our clients, and a copy of all evidence will be given to the clients at no cost.

Central Ohio Paranormal Society
Paranormal investigators in the central Ohio area. Site includes: investigations notes, evidence, EVP, cemetery photos, and links to other great paranormal sites.

Central Oklahoma Paranormal Studies
Central Oklahoma Paranormal Studies: We are a scientifically-oriented paranormal research team with goals of obtaining data and evidence to prove or disprove any paranormal activity in an area. Our site is continuously updated with new and interesting investigations and research articles. Please check back often!

Central And Southeastern Paranormal Exploration & Research (CASPER) Group
We are the Central And Southeastern Paranormal Exploration & Research (CASPER) Group. Our group is based in London, Kentucky. We are interested in the paranormal and traveling to haunted places to do investigations.

Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations 
Paranormal team located in Central Virginia and now offering an Eastern Division. Available for investigations, consultations, and public appearances. Our Mission: To provide professional investigative services to 'will- seeking' individuals requiring validation on unexplainable occurrences. What we are: A group of professionals that dedicate our spare time to paranormal research. What we are NOT: Pranksters, or people out to put fear in you. We do not offer spells or anything along those lines. Why we are different: We work as a team where everyone brings their own specialties together. Each team member has a criminal background check on file for reassurance to our clients when entering a residence or business.

Central Texas Paranormal Investigators
Austin's Premier Paranormal Investigative Team. C.T.P.I. is an investigative group out of the Austin, Texas, area. Although we serve mainly Central Texas, we are available all across Texas. Contact by email or call Paul Esper or Sean Duszik.

Charlotte Ghost Hunting Paranorms
Charlotte Ghost Hunting Paranorms is a non-profit group investigating paranormal activity in the Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. We are happy to share information with other groups. We always welcome ghost evidence to review (pictures, video, EVP audio).

C.H.A.S.E. Paranormal Investigations
Based in south-central Ohio, C.H.A.S.E. Paranormal Investigations is here to help home owners and business owners. We investigate claims of paranormal activity at no charge. C.H.A.S.E. looks for non-paranormal answers first, then we attempt to capture evidence to share with the client.

Chasing Midnight 
A journey into darkness, from the lost ghost towns of tombstone, the sky's above Roswell, and ground zero in the radioactive desert of new Mexico. Where Billy the Kid fought his last battle, and the grave of Lee Harvey-Oswald forever holds its secrets. The shores of Loch Ness, and in the footsteps of Jack The Ripper. Haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, strange and mysterious places, where monsters walk, legends and realities collide and it is always midnight.

Chautauqua County Paranormal Group
The Chautauqua County Paranormal Group is a non-profit group dedicated to collecting and analyzing scientific data of paranormal events and places. We are located in Chautauqua County, N.Y..

Cheektowaga Research and Paranormal Society
Paranormal Investigators for the Western New York area. C.R.A.P.S is a newly founded organization who will work free of charge to investigate and research paranormal activity for the citizens around Buffalo, NY.

Chicago Western Suburbs Paranormal Group
We are a group of friends out in the western suburbs of Chicago that have just started out. Most of us have been into the paranormal for years. I have been researching for a few years now and I'm ready to investigate. We are always looking for new members that are believers and Non- believers. If you don't want to investigate you can still join or group on myspace and follow what is going on. Or just read up on some of Chicagolands local haunts. We would also like for you to share your stories with us on there so please post a topic or reply to a story…we would love to hear from you.

Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators 
CVPI is based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. We strive to provide understanding of your paranormal experiences. We investigate ghosts, hauntings, UFO's, Bigfoot, and more. We use scientific methods along with audio/video/photo recordings to provide evidence.

Christian County Ghost Hunters Society 
The Christian County Ghost Hunters Society is located in Taylorville, Illinois and does phenomena investigating in and around the Christian County area. We have been around since 2002.

Christian Paranormal 
Christian Paranormal is a group of Christians who provide Free, Professional, and Confidential Investigations into the paranormal. If you feel your home, property, or business may be haunted please contact us and we will assist you. We have some of the latest equipment including that to record audio for EVPs, photos both digitally and on film, video cameras, temperature readings, EMF, and more. Even though we are Christians we will never force our religion on you. If you feel it may be an evil or demonic entity please contact us at once. Thank You, Paul Johnston, Founder and Lead Investigator. Visit us on the web to listen to EVPs, view photos or videos, request an investigation, speak with a understanding minister, or to join our team located in Southwest Ohio. You can also request to become a district chapter!

Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research
CAPER is a not for profit paranormal investigation group dedicated to the scientific study of all forms of the paranormal. We conduct free investigations of paranormal activity in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our mission is to help those who feel they are being haunted and to collect scientific evidence of paranormal activity. Combined we have over 30 years experience!

Circle City Paranormal 
Indianapolis, Indiana-based paranormal investigation group. We provide free of charge in-home investigation for possible signs of paranormal activity.

Circleville Ghost Hunters 
CGH is a ghosts and hauntings research group located in Circleville, Ohio. We investigate reports of haunted locations including businesses, churches, and residential properties. We also investigate urban legends, and folklore in the mid Ohio area. We only use scientific methods and tools in collecting evidence.

Claremont Paranormal, Claranorml
We at Claremont Paranormal,, are a small group that enjoys investigating locations that have, or seems to have, paranormal activity. We investigate using video cameras, digital recorders, and still cameras. We cover all of the western United States, and never charge for an investigation.

Clearfield County Paranormal Investigations 
We are a professional group dedicated to the research and documentation of paranormal events. We do not charge for investigations. We are located in Central Pennsylvania.

ClubZero Ghost Group 
We are non profit paranormal investigators and researchers based in the United Kingdom dedicated to the studies of paranormal phenomena.

Coal Region Ghost Hunters
We investigate hauntings, cryptozoology, and UFOs in the Northeast including: Eastern State Penitentiary and Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, the Farnsworth House, Homan House, Mark Nesbitt's House, and Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, and the Art Gallery in Pottsville just to name a few. We are a scientific, fact finding group. We look for evidence to debunk a haunting and also to support a haunting. The evidence will tell the truth one way or the other.

Coastal Carolina Paranormal Investigators (CCPI)
Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigations (aka CAPRI) operates from Jacksonville, North Carolina. We research and investigate all manner of paranormal incidences including: hauntings, UFOs, Big Foot, and much more. We are a free service and we will never call you crazy!

Coastal Spirit Chasers
Coastal Spirit Chasers is based out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We have been in operation since the year 2000, and cover the coastal regions of the Carolinas. Coles County Paranormal
Specializing in hauntings and the supernatural, CCP offers confidential paranormal investigative services free of charge to our clients. We are currently only available to investigate in the area of Central Illinois. We are based in Charleston, Illinois.

Colorado Ghost Hunters
Preternatural research and investigation into ghostly phenomena in Colorado.

Colorado Para-Tech
Colorado Para-Tech, or C.P.T., is two entities. First, we are Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, a registered Colorado non-profit organization of seasoned paranormal investigators, based in Colorado Springs, whose mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado who need help with paranormal problems absolutely free of charge. We use state of the art equipment, proven scientific methods, and adhere to a strict code of ethics to evaluate, investigate, and document possible hauntings and other paranormal activity. We specialize in private cases and have the equipment, knowledge, training, and experience to properly manage and document all aspects of paranormal research. We are people just like you who volunteer our time and resources to help others in need. We also believe that cooperation, not competition will better benefit paranormal research. We strive to work with other paranormal teams and researchers to expand our collective knowledge and further the science of paranormal research. With so many people getting into this field for the wrong reasons these days, those of us who are genuinely here to learn, teach, help those in need, and further the science, should band together to serve the greater good. We will always try to work with with anyone who needs or wants our help. Second, we are Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. We make paranormal research devices, including IR and UV illuminators, EM pumps, and E-Field detectors, as well as other prototype devices. The support of the paranormal community has encouraged C.P.T. to continue to help advance paranormal research through the development and enhancement of existing and new technologies. We also conduct ongoing field investigations and lab experiments to help gain insights into paranormal research equipment needs, as well as, explore all aspects of paranormal phenomena. We will continue to develop and produce the best possible tools that we can for paranormal research and make them affordable for everyone. This site showcases our investigations, evidence, research, and product development. We will also feature information and media from our experiments and studies, and helpful how-to information and product reviews that we find useful for the paranormal community. We are here to help. 

Complete Paranormal Services
Our team's purpose is to dispel myths and stories and to separate fact from fiction. Based in Hershey, Pennsylvania, CPS does not discredit the use of psychics, but prefer the use of both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our data. We rely on technology rather than a feeling or fear. We understand exactly what you are going through and we conduct every investigation discretely and professionally. We never charge a fee, we are not out to profit but to serve the community as accurately and intelligently as possible.

The Connecticut Ghost Hunters
The Connecticut Ghost Hunters is a group of paranormal investigators from Connecticut. We love what we do. If you have a case, go to our site and email us.

Confidential Paranormal Investigators
CPI was formed by a group of friends having years of experience investigating the paranormal. We make use of a wide variety of equipment to document, record, or debunk paranormal activity. We also take into account and document the human side of the paranormal experience. We are very open to sharing our data and investigation techniques with other groups and investigators. Southern Wisconsin / Northern Illinois

Connecticut Ghost Hunters of Shoreline Towns (CGHOSTS)
CGHOSTS is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to research, investigation, education, and archiving of paranormal activity in the Connecticut Area. We also offer paracounseling, working with individuals or families who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon and feel they need support around these events affecting their lives. We are located in Killingworth, Connecticut and serve our local and regional areas. Through this volunteer work, we hope to add to the field of paranormal studies, educate those interested, and help those who are being subjected to this phenomenon.

Connecticut Paranormal Investigators
Connecticut Paranormal Investigators is group of individuals dedicated to helping anyone who may be experiencing paranormal activity. We have all the latest ghost hunting equipment needed to complete an in-depth investigation and cover all of Connecticut including Westchester County in New York. We will only post findings of an investigation with the permission of our client. You can e-mail or call us via our Web site. Our services are free of charge.

Connecticut Paranormal Research Society
It is the mission of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society to offer education and assistance to those experiencing paranormal disturbances and to present to the world the simple truth regarding facts and evidence of paranormal activity obtained through skillful scientific investigation and tireless research and documentation. Although based in Connecticut, the CPRS team proudly serves, but is not limited to, the entire New England area. In fact, the team regularly welcomes and entertains input and inquiries from around the entire world.

Connecticut Paranormal Research Team
The Connecticut Paranormal Research Team is an extremely active group of paranormal researchers, ready, willing, and able to try solving anyone's ghostly problems. We do complete investigations, utilizing every available option ranging from using scientific tools to searching public records. CTPRT operates in the southern New England area. Arrangements can be made for investigations outside our area.

Connecticut Spirit Investigators Paranormal Investigators
We are a group of Paranormal investigators and researchers based in Connecticut founded by Rose Porto. Along with her team, they have experience in investigating private homes, businesses, and historical sites. *We deal with all types of hauntings *We travel all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & New York **We DO NOT CHARGE for our investigations**

Connellsville Ghost Hunters Organization
Non-profit organization trained and ethical investigators serving the southeastern Pennsylvania. We offer free membership and investigate hauntings for both residential and businesses.

Cornerstone Paranormal
Cornerstone Paranormal — based in Ohio. We're not just ghost hunters, we're paranormal investigators. Come experience the difference.

Corpus Christi Paranormal
A south Texas-based paranormal group dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal activity.

Corpus Christi Spook Central
Corpus Christi Spook Central is dedicated to the research, investigation, and documentation of the paranormal. We conduct investigations in Corpus Christi, Texas and the surrounding areas. Come check out our evidence videos, EVP, and pictures.

Cranston Paranormal Research
Our site is devoted to finding the truth and presenting evidence of our investigations and the presented case's along with our case logs.

Cressona Paranormal
We are a team of Paranormal researchers and investigators from Cressona Pennsylvania . We are NOT "Ghost Hunters" they are simply out doing it for the thrill. Ask yourself this question. Would I take my car to a mechanic that doesn't own any tools or have any experience? I'm sure the answer is no. Then why would you let "Ghost Hunters" into your home or property? What "Ghost Hunters" don't understand is how dangerous this field can be. We as investigators/researchers do understand this. We know how to deal with all levels of activity. Our experience has proven that a simple basic investigation produces better results. We do not use Ouija boards,just a pure scientific approach. We have proven technics to remove any Spirits or Ghosts from your location if that is your decision. Many times clients have mentioned they are very leary of an investigation for fear of us drawing out new or increased activity. We only address the claims and Spirit activity that is already currently happening. If you are experiencing unexplainable activity in your home or business, we are available to help. Jim is very knowledgeable of electrical, plumbing and carpentry. This is a huge asset to the team as we are able to debunk or explain many claims as real material issues not paranormal in nature. The banging your hearing may only be a unsecured pipe in a wall or basement. We offer this FREE service to anyone who feels they may have any paranormal activity in their homes, business or property. Why is this free? We enjoy investigating and helping others understand our field of research.

Cross Country Paranormal
Cross Country Paranormal offers investigation resources. We're based in Oklahoma. 

Cross the Line Paranormal
The CLP team is and will always be based in scientific research. Although intuition plays a vital part of ghost hunting we do not and will never use mediums, psychics, Ouija boards or any occult methods. Although those methods are used by some, they are not scientifically proven and most of the time are for a better word- hoaxes. Our group was designed for two purposes. 1. To educate those with fear of paranormal activity so that they can have a better understanding. 2. To gain proof of paranormal activity with hard evidence (photography, sound recordings, video, etc.) to further the advancement of paranormal research as a legitimate science.

Crossroads Paranormal
Based of out Indiana, Crossroads Paranormal believes in putting people above paranormal. We are devoted to the rational exploration of the paranormal by means of science and logic.

Crossroads Paranormal Research of Pennsylvania
You have found a group where those looking for answers can find them. Founded in 2009 we do more than just investigations. Our researchers and psychic mediums have a combined experience of over 60 years. We help lost souls cross over to the other side and rid your home, business, or historic location of unwanted activity. We are a modern scientific and psychic based group documenting and recording reported paranormal activity. We use state of the art technology along with psychic investigators / mediums in an attempt to explain the paranormal activity you are experiencing, Compassion and privacy are our primary goals. What sets us apart from other groups is the way we balance scientific and psychic investigations to help solve our clients issues.

Crossroads Para-Investigations 
CPI investigates the Lincoln, NE area, to include a current radius of 300 miles. We have a forum added to aid in communication with team members and the general public and our site serves as a place to overview what we are doing, what we have done, and where we are going in the future.

Crowley's Ridge Paranormal Team
Crowley's Ridge Paranormal Team is a paranormal investigation team based out of North Eastern Arkansas and is composed of veteran investigators as well as people new to the field. We offer our investigation services to the local public free of charge. We also seek out places known for having substantial paranormal claims. We use a variety of scientific methods to determine the nature of the claims rather they are paranormal or otherwise. Thanks for checking out our site and feel free to contact us.

Crypto Paranormal Investigations
Crypto Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit research organization, which conducts scientific investigations of allegedly haunted locations. Founded in 2004 by Nicholas Smith, C.P.I. conducts paranormal investigations, and lectures in the New York and New England region. C.P.I. has also been the subject of several local publications, such as the Salem News, and Spooky Southcoast radio.

Ct Paranormal Encounters And Research
CPEAR is a Ct based non-profit paranormal research group dedicated to helping those in need of advice, questions, or investions. We also will cover Me, Vt, NH, Ma, RI, NY, Pa, & NJ.

CT P.A.S.T.S. Paranormal Research
ctpasts(CT P.A.S.T.S. Connecticut Paranormal and Supernatural Tracking Society) is a quickly growing team of paranormal investigators in the Connecticut area. Our site is devoted to our work, and our work is devoted to the paranormal..

Cumberland County Paranormal
We are a Scientifically based Paranormal Research Group comprised of members from all walks of life, and from all different view points and religious philosophies that all share one thing: The desire for truth. We are located in Cumberland County, Southern New Jersey, but we are ready and willing to serve New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. We can perform paranormal investigations in nearly any venue: House, apartment, business, historical sites, even outdoor venues. What Do We Do? We are not your typical Ghost Hunters. We do not subscribe to the mass hysteria theory. We believe that the circumstances you are encountering are real and fall into one of the following categories, and we present solutions to all of the causes: 1: Environmental 2: Biological 3: Chemical 4: Behavioral 5: Paranormal We believe ourselves to be the only Paranormal Research Group that truly investigates all potential influences causing your experiences, AND provides solutions to those experiences. We take a scientific approach to our paranormal investigations that most other Ghost Hunters don't. How Do We Do It? We begin all paranormal investigations with an in depth interview with you. This interview process may include a request to keep a journal of events and behaviours. We attack all potential causes of the suspected paranormal events occurring using as many different forms of scientific equipment and research approaches from CO meters, to frequency detectors, to chemical and environmental tests, to pet behaviorlists. We have associations to resources to correct environmental issues, refer you to sources for solutions to biological issues both internal and external, chemical detection and cleanup, pet behavioral concerns, and of course, paranormal research, identification, and even elimination if necessary.

Cumberland Paranormal Society
CPS is a professional paranormal investigation team consisting of members with a variety of expertise and years of experience in this field. We rely on scientific evidence collected during an investigation (through the use of specialized high tech equipment) to dispel myths and stories and separate fact from fiction. CPS has a vast amount of equipment and can operate numerous bases throughout an investigation. No property is too large for us to cover in detail. Each team member has had personal paranormal experiences and understand exactly what the client is going through. What sets CPS apart is our knowledge, abilities, methods and equipment . We provide answers and solutions to your problem. CPS DOES NOT CHARGE FOR INVESTIGATIONS !!! We investigate cases throughout the eastern U.S

D&A Paranormal Investigators 
We are a new paranormal investigation group based in southern New Jersey. Founded by Steve Dewitt and Diana Antinucci in March of 2007, we investigate ghosts, poltergeists, and other paranormal activity. Our goal is to gather information and evidence, educate the public, and offer help to those who need it. 

Dallas Area Paranormal Society
We are the Dallas Area Paranormal Society Established in 2001. We specialize in Paranormal Investigations not just in Dallas and Fort Worth; but all of Texas and deep into the United States and internationally. We also have classes , tours , lectures , events , and other paranormal services that our listed on our Web site.

The Dao Paranormal Society
Welcome to our society dedicated to the research, investigation, and documentation of the Mysteries of the Paranormal and beyond, we range from investigations to house clearings, to advice ,paranormal artifact identification, and more.

Dallas Paranormal Investigations
D.P.I. is a non-profit paranormal group based out of the Dallas, Texas area. We are dedicated to the scientific investigation and research of paranormal phenomenon. This includes, but is not limited to, ghost hauntings, Bigfoot sightings and UFO reports in the Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana region of the U.S.

Dave Francis, Independent Paranormal Rersearch 
Home page for independent researcher Dave Francis. Dave offers comprehensive services for clients and other groups in the Massachusetts/New England area.

Dark Angel Paranormal Investigators of Connecticut
Dark Angel Paranormal investigators of Connecticut are out to help people who are having strange things happening in their homes and lives. We are looking for answers to questions about the other side, we don't charge for our investigations, we just want to help people with their problems.

Darkness Falls Paranormal Research
DFPR is a team that is very professional in all your paranormal needs and we believe in the paranormal but debunking is are first overall objective in helping you but there are times it cannot be explained and that's where we come in to help we have ways to do House blessings as well. We believe in helping not only finding the spirits but to try to also be free of them as well. We are out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We are a non-profit group but we do except donations to help cut the cost for gas and equipment.

Dark Knights Paranormal
Dark Knights Paranormal is a not for profit group of highly experienced paranormal professionals. We are based in Weare, New Hampshire, but serve the entire New England area. Our services are always completely free of charge.

Dark Moon Foundation
Dark Moon Foundations is a group of paranormal investigators and researched based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Dark Prairie Anomalous Research Team 
We collect data from haunted locations for the purpose of research and submission to the scientific community for review. We promote professionalism, integrity, and education to the client and offer an objective and structured investigation. Feel free to browse around our site and see if our services fit your needs. Texas Area of Operations: Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller, and Fort Bend counties.

The Dark Side Of Louisville Paranormal Society
We are a paranormal investigation team based in Louisville, Kentucky. We our offering assistance to the public free of charge. 

Dark Shadows Paranormal Group
We are a group serving Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. We are a free service. If you need help we're here.

Dark World Paranormal
We are a paranormal investigation group based of Indianapolis Indiana that is passionate about finding the truth behind life after death. Our site provides many helpful resources and educational tools for all paranormal investigators.

Darkwater Paranormal Investigations 
Darkwater Paranormal Investigations, based out of Charleston, SC. DPI is a professional group of investigators searching for proof of paranormal activity.

Darkness Falls Paranormal Society 
Darkness Falls Paranormal Society was created in 2007 by Chad Selzler, Kymberlee Morehead, and Doty Orth. It is a team made up of differing backgrounds, religions, and beliefs that work together to investigate supposed claims of haunted homes, businesses, historical sites, and other locations within a 60 mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD at no cost to you. The current group is Chad and Kymberlee Selzler, Doty Orth, Nate Borger, Rhea MacDonald, Clara Spilmann, Sally Damm, and Megan Bunger. We are currently interviewing new members to be possibly added soon. Armed with voice recorders, night cameras, K-2 meters, EMF detectors, digital cameras, and their wits; they enter the dark domains few dare tread trying to gather evidence to disprove that such places are haunted as claimed. As the team has sometimes discovered, some claims are true and cannot be debunked. During the investigations that they cannot debunk, they take the proper steps to rid poltergeists, ghosts, demons, and other paranormal phenomenon from the area bringing peace to others. We have been to such places as the Washington Pavilion, Moody County Museum, Pipestone County Museum, and Calumet Inn. We have also investigated private residences in Sioux Falls, Dell Rapids, and Canton all in South Dakota. We also investigated outside locations at the Bethania Cemetary and the Pioneer Memorial Monument. For pictures and detailed videos please visit our myspace page.

Darvin Paranormal Investigators
We are the Darvin Paranormal Investigators who travel around San Antonio and central Texas to visit haunted locations and try to debunk these hauntings. We also investigate legends and myths around the area such as the chupacabra and the donkey lady.

Dayton Ohio Ghosthunters Society – D.O.G.S.
The Dayton Ohio Ghosthunters Society have been investigating the paranormal since 2007. We are a group/club/society of paranormal enthusiasts and are available to investigate in the following towns in Ohio: New Lebanon, Farmersville, Germantown, Carlisle, Gratis, Brookville, Lewisburg, Liberty, Moraine, West Carrollton, Clayton, Englewood, and of course, Dayton. We are a 100% self-funded group that, like most paranormal groups, investigates free of charge. It is our hope that we can help to provide answers for the unexplained events that are going on around you. Our service mark/trade name has been registered through the state of Ohio. 

Daytona Beach Paranormal Research Group 
A not for profit group that has the experience, knowledge and latest equipment to document spirit activity in indoor & outdoor settings. Certified. 

DC Metro Area Ghost Watchers 
Investigating ghosts and hauntings in Washington DC, northern Virginia, and southern Maryland. 

Dead Time Paranormal Research
Dead Time Paranormal Research. We are dedicated to investigating the paranormal. Seeking out the source and finding the truth. We are located in Lafollette Tn. We are a family based group for the most part. Some may not be family but they are people we trust and put our confidence in and we have all had paranormal happenings in our lives no matter how big or small we have had them. You can read some of our own experiences on our web site.

Deadframe Paranormal Research Group 
Deadframe is a family based organization located in northeast Ohio, specializing in photo/video and audio documentation as well as field investigations in and surrounding Ohio. 

The DeadWatch Society 
We are a paranormal research team located in southwest Michigan. We offer confidential, professional investigations to private homeowners as well as commercial entities.

DeadZone Paranormal Adventures
We are a non-profit organisation, professionally run by volunteers from various backgrounds and professions with various levels of experience and skills. We all share a common passion for all things spooky and scary.We cover all aspects of the paranormal from hauntings to UFOs and all other unexplainable occurrences. The majority of our investigations are team only, for the purpose of research as we seek to find answers to the many questions of this fascinating world and to capture evidence of the unknown. However, from time to time we hold charity ghost hunts to help raise funds for Ellie Poppy Trust and the occasional public ghost hunt to raise funds for Dead Zone to ease the cost of equipment/insurance and locations.

Dearne Valley Paranormal Investigations – D.V.P.I
Dearne Valley Paranormal cover all Yorkshire, England investigating urban legends and ghost stories. We have been established since April 2005 with the aim of investigating the area's most haunted properties and to establish links with other groups around the country. We are a small but highly dedicated team whose professionalism, commitment, and knowledge of the paranormal has quickly led us to be regarded as one of the country's most thorough and scientific units. Whether it's a home, a public house, a business, or a grand stately home, D.V.P.I is always willing to investigate.

Decatur Extreme Ghosthunters 
The local Ghosthunting group of Decatur, Illinois

Delaware County Paranormal Research 
We are a group of people who research, investigate, and document all aspects of the paranormal, especially ghosts and spirits. We discuss and practice scientific methods of paranormal research and documentation, as well as experimental methods. We are located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, but serve the surrounding areas.

Delta Ghost Hunters
We are a paranormal investigative team based in the San Francisco East Bay Area, focusing in Northern and Central California. We offer free investigations of homes, businesses, and other places of the paranormal. We provide a detailed report and a copy of any electronic data gathered.

Delta Paranormal Society
We are a group of dedicated paranormal investigators located in Jonesboro Arkansas. We serve the Northeast Arkansas area and surrounding states. Never a charge for our services. Please check out our website for more information.

Denton Rose Investigator of the Paranromal 
World's worst paranormal investigator and lawn equipment repair. From the maker's of Ernest and the original Fast and the Furious- it's Denton Rose

Denver Paranormal Group
Denver Paranormal Group (DPG) is a professional level paranormal investigative group. We service Colorado, Wyoming, Eastern South Dakota, Eastern Nebraska, and Eastern Kansas. All of our members have college educations and work as professionals in health care, engineering, and management.

Denver Paranormal Research Society 
The Denver Paranormal Research Society (DPRS) is a Colorado-based team of researchers in the paranormal field using science-based methodologies, tools, and common sense. We strive to validate a phenomenon by the collecting of scientific data and physical evidence, thereby providing an explanation of the nature and origin of the event. Our top priority is our client's concerns and reassurance with our methods. We work with the highest ethical standards, integrity, and with the utmost privacy. Cases are limited to the state of Colorado. The Denver Paranormal Research Society does not charge for services.

Des Moines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Advanced Research Team (DIEPART) 
Paranormal investigators in Iowa here to help families and homeowners with paranormal answers and to educate the public.

Des Moines Paranormal 
We are based out of the greater Des Moines, Iowa area and our team members come from all over central Iowa. We offer a free detailed study of your possible paranormal activities. We don't charge for any services. We usually will spend hours at just one location gathering information that we need to try to determine if there is paranormal activity of any kind going on. – The Iowa Ghost Hunters.

Dirty South Ghost Hunters 
We are a Non-Profit Organization specializing in the ongoing research and documentation of paranormal phenomena. Serving Arizona and beyond. Our goal is to provide professional investigations for business, residential, and beyond. We go in as skeptics and remain that way until we get evidence of the paranormal. We do not get rid of ghosts or claim to, however if the situation arises, we will contact the right people to do the job. We are Non-Profit because this is a passion, not a way to make money. DSGH will NEVER charge a fee for our services. Each of our investigators has had a paranormal experience. We understand that not everyone is comfortable in admitting their experiences, with that in mind, DSGH will never put your information on the internet or other publications unless you sign a confidentiality release. DSGH is a family and we operate solely on our clients trust. Your trust is important to us and we will do everything within our means to not break that trust. When you choose DSGH to investigate your home or business, you can rest assured that we will provide the most professional investigative job.

Discovering the Unknown Investigations
Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, DTU-Discovering the Unknown is a paranormal research/investigations team that is dedicated to helping people with paranormal problems. We research the paranormal from a scientific standpoint, and it is our promise that we will provide you with as many answers as we can.

Discovery Paranormal
Hello, I am Michael Angley the producer of a new TV show called Discovery Paranormal. We are not on a network and are a dedicated grass roots show that concentrates on real paranormal evidence and paranormal research. We are happy to talk to anyone about ghosts and their experiences. Many times we will make a show with a featured investigator.

Distraught Entities Analysis Division (D.E.A.D) 
We are a paranormal group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a small group with big ambitions. We answer the call for help when needed, but until that call when stay as active as possible. We have a good group who mesh well together. Our experience is plentiful and we are always up for an investigation. Please see our site for more details… this is just the tip.

Double A Paranormal Investigation 
Investigating hauntings and paranormal phenomenon in Southwest Kansas using digital equipment to document physical proof that there are things that go bump in the night.

Dover Paranormal Research Team
DPRT are based out of Dover, Pennsylvania. We are a small group of paranormal investigators looking to help those who are being bothered or experiencing paranormal activity. All investigations and services are free of charge.

Downriver Paranormal Investigators
Founded in 2006 – Downriver Paranormal Investigators, is an organization created to explore the presence of paranormal activity. Trying to find answers to unknown questions.

Durham Paranormal Society
The Durham Paranormal Society Team is dedicated to serving all of the Durham Region, Toronto, and the surrounding areas. Our team uses sophisticated methods as well as non-conventional techniques during our investigations. This includes historical research, science, psychic abilities and clairvoyance, spiritography, and energy clearing methods to not only tap into ones environment, but to clear that space of unwanted energies. Spirit Rescue, our team at Durham Paranormal Society is not only dedicated to paranormal research, but also to helping those lost souls who remain stuck on this earth plane. Many lost souls remain stuck for centuries without even realizing they have died. This is why so many places, people, and things remain haunted. Doing Spirit Rescue work is just as important as clearing one's property, business, or building of spirit energies.

Jeff Dwyer, Ph. D.
This website offers information about best-selling author, researcher, and paranormal investigator, Jeff Dwyer. It features Dwyer's "Paranormal Question/Answer of the Week," photographs of paranormal phenomena, and a list of Jeff Dwyer's upcoming events. Based in California's Wine Country, Jeff Dwyer travels throughout the U.S. serving clients, meeting with paranormal groups, participating in book signings, and presenting entertaining and informative talks.

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