Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions


If you are asking this question, you probably already know the answer. It's the crazy, spooky, unusual or just unexplained happenings that make you question your sanity. It is the sight, smell, feel of something or someone that you can not explain away logically.

Here are some of MY ANSWERS to a few Frequently ASK Questions:

What is a ghost?

Anybody who tells you they can say exactly what a ghost is had WAY TO MUCH FUN in college. The answer that most people believe is that a ghost is the earthbound spirit of a deceased person. The scientific community is researching this very question, and someday there may be a definitive answer, but for now, your guess is as good as mine.

Are there different kinds of "ghosts"?

There are several accepted answers to this question. There are poltergeists, a term used for an annoying spirit that you never see.Then there are two types of residual haunting, Anniversary and Event. A residual event plays over and over like a rerun and may happen at any time the circumstances are right while an anniversary event repeats on specific dates. These haunting replay a past event and are not interactive. You are an observer only. The third kind of haunting is interactive, the spirits see and reacts to you. This is also called a cognitive haunting. This is by far the rarest type of haunting.

How can I find out who is haunting me and why?

Truth? You probably never will know the answers to these questions. Unless you SEE the spirit and recognize it as "Aunt Suzy Q" then any other information you may get from psychics or communicating with the spirit through any means is purely subjective. Now, if you have a medium or anyone who gives you specific information that can be researched and documented then you are very lucky. Retain copies of all your documentation and contact a book publisher because this is very rare!

What is the point of documentation or research then?

Good question. The very act of documenting the paranormal activity around you is a way to deal with the supernatural phenomena in a healthy fashion. If you become aware enough of the happenings to journal them completely then you will have less time for running, screaming and freaking out. The very act of journaling is calming to the situation and makes it feel less "freakish". Once you have taken enough notes to realize a pattern, or cycle to your particular events you will be able to research (or have researched) the property and history. You may then either find information that satisfies your curiosity about the events or that constitutes proof of what you have been through.


What do ghosts want?

This is one of those answers that is strictly opinion. Maybe they want to be validated like the rest of us. Perhaps they have unfinished business and want your help, or perhaps they do not know that they are no longer among the living. They could merely not want to leave a place they were happy or safe, or they could be trapped here by guilt, loneliness, unrequited love, tragedy or some other strong emotion that has not died. Again, you may never know the answer to this question.

What am I supposed to do about the ghost?

Here you have many different opinions on this too. You have people who want to "send them to the light". Then you have those who want to try to communicate with them, to learn about the secrets of death or of the afterlife. You also have those who just want to co-exist with them peaceably. This depends on your level of comfort. If you want to pursue any of these options there are groups who will help you.

We want validation that the experiences we have had collectively and individually are not fictional. We want to document everything we can and research every possibility until we are able to find or contribute to the finding of some answers to the above questions. Personally I do not want to know the secrets of death, but the confirmation of life after death would not be unwelcome.

What about religion and ghosts?

NOT my field. My answer is that you should research your faith and your haunting and draw your own conclusions.

What about demons?

It is my belief that demons are real but I do not believe that most haunting are demon related. I think a very few rare instances may be, but these are extreme and escalate very quickly. It is my feeling that if you have a demonic possession there is NOT going to be any doubt about what your problem IS. Demons are destructive. They want to corrupt your soul. You do not co-exist with a demon for years. They will not just live and let live and things will be forced to a conclusion rather the demon wins or you get rid of it. Demons do not spend years terrorizing a person, There goal is to destroy the human in as quick and torturous a fashion as possible.

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