December 22 2005 – A couple claims to have been abducted many times, even stating that in one of these alien abductions, a fetus was extracted from the woman. According To Clayton Lee, the first time he was abducted he was just a child, and remembers getting lifted in the air at the time of the event.

Lee said "I remember just floating up higher and higher". "And, all that was around were stars and blackness. And then, I blacked out."

Her wife, Donna Lee said she lost a baby in one of the abductions. She even drew a picture of the aliens that abducted her. Te family says this is a real alien abduction story. However, they didn't say anything about the alien abduction test (generally the aliens leave implants in the abductees' bodies.

Clayton states to have been abducted probably more than 20 times.

Local 6 News showed a video of Donna Lee being hypnotized trying to retrieve any memories of the encounter.

During the session, Donna Lee sreamed loudly, "They're touching me — quit touching me,"
Susan Clancy, an expert in alien abduction story similar to the Lees decided to made a research on the case.

The Lee Family contacted Susan Clancy after they saw an advertisement on a local newspaper.

Clancy said, "When I ran the first ad looking for people who thought they had been abducted by aliens, I thought we would get very few calls, but we were inundated with calls for a month after we ran one ad,". The advertisement was for anyone who thought had been abducted by aliens and wanted to be included in the book.

Clancy stated that she does not believe in real or true alien abduction stories.

"So, people have symptoms like psychological distress, anxiety, sexual problems, nightmares, and for better or for worse, today, being abducted by aliens is a culturally available explanation for why you might have some of these symptoms," Clancy said.

The Lees told a journalist that they were sure to be captured and abducted again in the future.

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