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May 18th, 2017 by G2G User

5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

A pastime for the paranoid who would refuse to believe they'd tied their own shoelaces unless they had photographic evidence and twelve witness testimonies. Because Youtube is now a super safe space where no bad words can be said we'll have to be careful how we phrase this particular entry. In 2013 NSA contractor Edward Snowden sent 41 Powerpoint slides to journalists at The Washington Post and The Guardian, and in doing so he proved one of the most shocking conspiracies of our generation to be 100% true.Intelligence agencies have been in the spotlight lately with the sacking of FBI Director James Comey and reports of a failed CIA plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un. In 1932 workers at the Johns Manville Company attempted to sue their employer after many of them contracted cancer and life-threatening respiratory diseases due to working with asbestos, which was the basis for many of Johns Manville's products. Throughout the 50's and 60's the CIA used their influence on the press to suppress their many illicit activities, and the most shocking of them all was MK ULTRA.

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May 17th, 2017 by G2G User

One Of The Best UFO Documentaries Of All Time (Enhanced) – Narrated By Rod Serling (Twilight Zone)

This is unquestionably the best copy of the film you can find. It is the original VHS to DVD version – then remastered video to improve quality and poor compression issues*

Extremely thorough and produced back when people with a serious scientific background were not so easily swayed by a media proclaiming that the entire scene is absurd. Back when there was much less of a backlash upon someone's character, were they to discuss or research such anomalies. 

Hosted by legends Rod Serling and Burgess Meredith! This documentary has multiple interesting segments regarding UFO and Alien activity, including abduction tales from decades ago. (many think the abduction/missing time cases are a relatively new thing – they definitely are not) 

This documentary also includes segments about crop circles and cattle mutilation – a truly wonderful UFO documentary. 

I hesitate to use the word "classy" when talking about a documentary. However, I read a recent comment about this video that uses the term, and i think that's well put. Compared the the majority of UFO documentaries out there – this comes across with some real class/integrity.

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May 2nd, 2017 by G2G User

UFO Propulsion System – Bending time and space 

Defense Scientists and Engineers are finally starting to understand the ultimate propulsion system that can make instantaneous space travel possible. The UFOs use this propulsion system to travel great distances instantaneously.

The speed of light is 670,000,000 miles per hour – a number no human being can ever stand in any craft for a long time. Does that mean UFOs are unmanned or extra-terrestrial beings are totally different? It is possible but not likely. Theory of evolution in the Universe says that intelligent life forms are abundant in the Universe but they have evolved in a similar way.

Traveling even at the speed of light (670,000,000 miles per hour) is just not enough to cover distant destinations in the Universe. For example even at that speed traveling from one constellation to another may take hundreds of years.

Then how can one travel such great distances in a short span of time? This is the million-dollar question that has made every country in the world keep quiet about UFOs and cover up their existence and interaction. Every country believes they will be the first to uncover the technology of “flash travel” which is the term used in traveling from point A to point B in the Universe instantaneously.

To understand the concept, imagine you have to travel from New York to New Delhi, two points in the opposite sides of the globe. Now think you have the technology of freezing time and then get back to current time. At 9AM (or any other time of a particular day), you take the instance of the globe and freeze it for travel. Now happyume the globe is made of paper or some other flexible material. Now you deform the globe and bring NY and New Delhi touch each other. Then travel from NY to New Delhi instantaneously because the distance is really very little since you deformed the globe. After completing the travel you put the globe back to its original configuration. And you transfer yourself to the current time.

This may seem complex but actually once the technology is mastered it is really simple. Another way to understand this is to hold a piece of rectangular paper in your hand. Bring the two opposite corners of the rectangular piece of paper together and make them touch each other. Now the distance between the two opposite corner is really zero.

Bending space and time is the concept where you do not travel to the destination; you bring the destination close to you. This is exactly how UFOs travel from one destination to another. That is the reason why those who are waiting with their telescope in the open sly to find UFOs will never find them.

Scientists and Engineers are now perplexed trying to understand how that kind of space travel is possible. The answer lies in using something known as dark energy. The dark energy allows disintegration or deformation of space. There are some early indications that dark energy also allows isolating time dimensions.

Physicists and Engineers are researching the use of dark energy. The purpose is to understand the process of bending the space and time. That requires UFO flight patterns; sighting information and a mathematical algorithm to back calculate their flight positions in a more than three dimensional geometry. Computer models are helping. We do not have the technologies to capture or isolate time dimension. Can you draw a block or a cube on a piece of paper? Yes, you can. It is called an isometric drawing

It is the process of drawing a three-dimensional drawing on a two dimensional paper. Similarly, complex algorithms are allowing reverse engineering the UFO Time and Space bending in a medium that is three-dimensional. The resulting map is showing the space and time (four dimensions) in a three dimensional environment.

Sometimes you wonder what any one can gain spending so much time and money to hide and cover up all the UFO information? Why so much ridicule around something every country in running after since 1890? The answer is the fact that any one who can master this time and space bending technology will be ahead of others by many years.

There are early indications that scientists and engineers have got the clue to the concept of bending time and space using dark energy. Interestingly, the whole concept starts with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

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May 2nd, 2017 by G2G User
ARIZONA – Phoenix

A bizarre UFO that seems to materialize out of hyperspace has been reported over the central Arizona skies near Phoenix since October 2001. Sightings have been averaging two per month. The brightly-lit object has been described  as up to twenty times larger than the apparent size of a typical star. It streaks through a curved path in the sky equal to three times the diameter of a full moon. The object does not behave like a meteorite and seems to start and stop very abruptly. It appears from nowhere and maintains uniform brightness with no trail. No photos have been taken since the object appears for only a few seconds then disappears only to reappear somewhere else. Most sightings have been between 10:00 PM and 12:00 PM PST. One of the first sightings (by a security guard) is documented at the National UFO Reporting Center website


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May 2nd, 2017 by G2G User

Tennessee College Campus – 1853

On June 1, 1853 a luminous object was seen by many as it hovered over a Tennessee college campus. As the sun rose over the campus of Burritt College, numerous students—who apparently were early risers in those days, too—were startled to see two luminous objects in the sky. According to professor A.C. Carnes, who reported the incident in a letter to Scientific American, the first had the appearance of a small new moon, while the other resembled a large star. The small object then vanished, while the bigger one changed shape, first into a globe and then into an elongated shape parallel with the horizon. The smaller light then became visible again, and increased rapidly in size, while the other object shrank. The two objects continued fluctuating in a similar fashion for the next 30 minutes. “The students have asked for an explanation, but neither the President nor Professors are satisfied as to the character of the lights,” wrote Carnes. While he himself speculated that the occurrence might have been caused somehow by atmospheric moisture, the incident remains a mystery.

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May 2nd, 2017 by G2G User

James Lumley Case October 1865

 The Wright Brothers may have been the first to put an machine into the sky, but people had been looking up at flying aircraft for decades before the brothers launched the first airplane.

Reports of UFOs were recorded in newspapers of the 19th century. Among the most famous was written in the St. Louis Democrat, Oct. 19, 1865. That article appeared two weeks later in The Cincinnati Commercial, bringing more public awareness to UFOs. The account was of an old Montana fir trapper by the name of James Lumley who saw a UFO fly over him and crash into the forest, exploding like a rocket. The story picked up by the Missouri Democrat and other newspapers, which contributed to national attention or awareness of alien spacecraft.

 Most fur trappers may tell tales of Indians, or bears, or mountain lions, but Lumley's account of a flying saucer that crashed into Cadotte Phappy was among the most explicit and remains a mystery to this day. It is said that debris from the crash may still be up there, but there has been no findings since. Nevertheless the story has remained one of the most mysterious of the 1800s.

Lumley was about 175 miles above the Upper Missouri in Great Falls Montana. He was on his way back to his camp site when he saw a "bright luminous body in the heavens." It went rapidly into an eastern direction and was plainly visible for about five seconds. As it flew Lumley saw it burst into an explosion in the sky and he later heard an explosion. It was shortly followed by a strong wind through the forest like a tornado, and the event left the air smelling like sulfur.

The next day, after walking two miles, he saw a path "several rods wide" made through the forest. He followed the path and discovered an object or rather a stone on the side of the mountain. What was unusual about this stone is that it had strange hieroglyphics and glhappy in it. Lumley felt the fragment he had found had come from an immense body and that the hieroglyphics must have been used for some purpose and made by human hands.

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May 2nd, 2017 by G2G User

1926 UFO Encountered by Archeologist Nicholas Roerich

 Nicholas Roerich, a famous Russian-born artist and archeologist, led an American team of explorers on a lengthy expedition through the Himalayas in the 1920's.

In his book, "Altai Himalaya," he describes a startling event that occurred in Mongolia in 1926.

"On August fifth–something remarkable! We were in our camp in the Kukunor district not far from the Humboldt Chain. In the morning about half-past nine some of our caravaneers noticed a remarkably big black eagle flying above us.

"Seven of us began to watch this unusual bird. At this same moment another of our caravaneers remarked, 'There is something far above the bird.'

"And he shouted in his astonishment. We all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest.

"And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glhappyes and saw quite distinctly an oval form with shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun."

Roerich never speculates about the sighting elsewhere in the book, but he died in December 1947.

I want to believe he had a revelatory "Aha!" moment during that first big UFO flap earlier that year.

Unfortunately, he didn't describe how the oval made its 45-degree turn, but I'm guessing it was instantaneous.

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May 1st, 2017 by G2G User

The Phoenix Lights: The mystery remains


It is the most famous so-called UFO sighting in the world. "The Phoenix Lights" captured the world's attention many years ago on March 13, 1997.

Every year new witnesses come forward to tell the story they kept to themselves all those years. One man who still wants to remain anonymous told CBS 5 News he was working on his roof air conditioner around 8 p.m. that evening when he saw it. He said he never told anyone outside his family until this year.

There are only four known videos that capture what happened in the sky over the Phoenix area. Each one shows a slightly different view of a series of lights out west. They blink on for a few minutes, then disappear.

The U.S. military maintains those lights were part of a training session involving flares dropped over the Barry M. Goldwater Range near Gila Bend, AZ.

Witnesses like Sue Watson believe differently, because they saw something else.

"Evidently what we saw that night was one of the biggest reported UFOs ever," she said.

Watson and her family live in East Phoenix. She said that night they all watched an enormous black aircraft cruise slow and low over Camelback Mountain headed south.

"It was like a [shopping] mall flying over my home," she said of the craft, described by multiple witnesses as being over a mile wide.

"Seriously, when it flew over it was beautiful," Watson said. "It had these lights in front and then it was totally illuminated underneath, like a yellowish amber. It was a totally rounded boomerang shape."

UFO investigator Larry Lowe has produced a short film, Prescott Witness, that includes an animated version of the craft that matches witness descriptions better than any rendering up to this point. It tells the story of a new witness who came forward for the first time in January. The animated craft cruises over the Valley, blocking out the stars to those underneath.

But after 17 years, no video or photos have surfaced of that mystery aircraft. Watson says she had a camera, but could not tear her eyes away from the amazing sight overhead.

"I didn't want to stop watching it," she said. "And then by the time I got out with a camera it passed our house. We kept watching it over our roof going south and then it just shot off! If only I'd had the camera earlier!"

The most famous witness to the phenomenon is Dr. Lynne Kitei. The North Phoenix women's health physician eventually produced a documentary, The Phoenix Lights

Did you see anything like this on March 13, 1997? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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