Dead Woman’s Crossing is a bridge on the road around Deer Creek in Weatherford. Local legend states that in 1905, a woman called Katy DeWitt James and her baby girl Lulu Belle boarded a train to visit family in Payne County. She had just filed for divorce on the grounds of cruel treatment at the hands of her husband. Her father had personally put her on the train and expected to hear from her in the next few days. However, weeks passed with no word from his daughter so he engaged a private detective to locate her.

The detective learned that Katy had befriended a prostitute named Fannie Norton on the train who had taken her and the baby to her brother-in-law’s house in Clinton. They stayed their for a few hours and then took a trip in a buggy. Fannie returned alone and claimed to have no idea where the pair were. However, the detective found that the buggy had disappeared into a field near the creek where it had spent around an hour before coming speeding back out with blood staining the wheel. Fannie then stopped at a nearby farm and gave him the baby, wrapped in a bloody dress. However, on being questioned by the detective she denied any involvement, although the fact that she poisoned herself later that same day seems to indicate her guilt.

Local legend states that Katy’s spirit now roams the area around Deer Creek in search of her baby daughter, sometimes calling out her name. Some witnesses even claim that if you stand under the bridge and keep very still you can actually hear the wagon wheels rattling above you.